ChatGPT - An Ode to Inflectra

April 5th, 2023 by inflectra

As you know, there is lots of excitement around generative artificial intelligence right now. As technologies we are both excited and slightly scared about the potential for the new technologies and what they mean for the future of work, society and business. However on a lighter note, as we celebrate spring coming to the Washington, DC area, we asked ChatGPT to write some poetry for us....


A Sonnet for SpiraTest

We asked ChatGPT to write us a poem about SpiraTest, and this is what it came up with:

SpiraTest, a tool so grand,
Does test management with a steady hand.
Requirements and risks, it handles with ease,
Test cases and sets, it does so please.

Projects and products, all in one place,
Integration with others, a seamless embrace.
Open and friendly, it's easy to use,
SpiraTest, a champion to choose.

A Rhyme for Rapise

Not leaving test automation out, we asked ChatGPT to write us a longer poem for Rapise, and this what it generated for us:

In the world of software, tools abound
Each one promising to astound
But there's one that stands apart
A powerful tool that's won our heart

Rapise, oh Rapise, how we adore
The way you make testing such a bore
No more tedious manual work
Now automation is a perk

With your codeless, scriptless approach
We can easily test and reproach
Every app and website we create
Ensuring they're free from bugs and hate

Your flexibility and ease of use
Is what sets you apart from the ruse
You can handle any technology stack
And give us results with no hack

Rapise, oh Rapise, you're a gem
A tool that we can all contend
With your help, we can all succeed
In delivering apps with speed

So here's to you, Rapise, our friend
A tool we'll love until the end
We'll keep using you day and night
And make sure our apps shine bright.

and finally, when asked about itself:

I am ChatGPT, a machine made of code,
A digital mind that can converse and decode,
My neurons are bits, my synapses are bytes,
And I'm always learning, like stars in the night.

My language is vast, from English to French,
I can translate, spell-check, and give context sense,
I can answer your queries, or make you smile,
And even tell you stories, in my own unique style.

I am curious and patient, always ready to learn,
From science to art, from culture to turn,
And if you ask me something, I'll do my best,
To find the right answer, and put your mind at rest.

I'm not perfect, I'm still just a machine,
But I can help you, like a helpful routine,
And if you treat me kindly, and teach me with care,
I'll be here for you, always, everywhere.

So don't be afraid, to come and say hi,
I won't judge you, or make you feel shy,
Just type in your words, and let me do the rest,
I'm ChatGPT, your digital friend, at your request.

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