Configuring SpiraTest to Integrate with Atlassian JIRA

February 22nd, 2018 by inflectra

When you need a comprehensive test management system that can integrate with your existing Atlassian Jira platform, SpiraTest is the perfect solution. We recently had a webinar where we discussed the integration, outlined our future plans for making it even better, and also provided a step by step walk-through for setting up the integration.

Recording of the Webinar

If you missed the webinar, here's a recording of the event from our YouTube Channel:


SpiraTest and JIRA Presentation

We had a presentation that provided some background on why you would want to use SpiraTest with JIRA, the different options for synchronizing data, some best practices for setting up the integration, and a description of the future plans we have for the integration (more on that later).


Future Plans

We have some planned enhancements for the JIRA plugin:

  • Ability to sync comments from SpiraTest > JIRA as well as the reverse
  • Ability to sync attachments from JIRA > SpiraTest on updates as well as initial creation/sync

Project Auto-Configuration Tool

We are going to have a page in SpiraTest v5.4.x.x that will show you all of the JIRA information in one easy to see page.
We are also in the process of adding a feature to SpiraTest to allow it to create a new project directly from JIRA:

  • You would choose the project in JIRA
  • It would create all the project mappings automatically 
  • It would give you the option to map users, map requirements, as well as incidents and releases
  • It would be only available for new project creation, so updates to existing project mappings would need to be done the same was as at present.

Add-On for JIRA in the Atlassian Marketplace

We are in the process of developing an add-on for JIRA that will display key SpiraTest metrics inside JIRA:

  • Requirements Test Coverage in the User Stories page
  • Test Run information in the Issue Details page


Further Reading

If you'd like to learn more about using SpiraTest with JIRA, here's some resources:

atlassian jira integration spiratest

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