Generali Insurance Achieves Real-Time Quality Visibility with SpiraTeam from Inflectra

July 4th, 2019 by inflectra

Generali Insurance was looking to streamline and simplify their test management processes as well as get a holistic view of the status of their different projects. They were looking to reduce the number of tools and adopt agile methodologies and practices. SpiraTeam has provided Generali with a common understanding of test and QA processes across the organization and enabled real-time visibility of the test coverage of all their requirements spanning multiple projects and programs.

Generali Case Study

In our newly published case study on Generali Insurance, learn how SpiraTeam provided a unified software delivery platform that is enabling the adoption of agile capabilities with Generali.Some of the business benefits realized by Generali include:

  • Allowed real time visibility of test progress and test coverage.
  • Improved reporting and workflow generation.
  • Increased understanding of test processes in the company.

Generali Insurance Case Study

According to Andreas Eckerle, Head of Test & Quality Management at Generali:

SpiraTeam is a complete test management solution with a great price-to-functionality ratio. The quality of the product meets all our expectations, and we are looking forward to benefitting from the upgrades in V.6.0.

Hear Andreas Speak at InflectraCon

If you would like to hear more about Andreas' experiences and lessons learned deploying SpiraTeam on a large scale, please consider attending InflectraCon 2019.

Andreas from Generali will present on the different ways that Generali has been using SpiraTeam to plan and manage their IT projects. It will include a discussion of the various tools they have integrated with SpiraTeam, the business benefits, and lessons learned. Andreas will be speaking on Day 1 of the Management Track of InflectraCon and will be flying all the way from Zurich, Switzerland to attend.

Andreas Eckerle is the head of test and quality management for Generali Insurance in Switzerland where he has worked since 2005. He oversees all testing and QA activities in the application life cycle in the headquarters offices in Adliswil and Nyon. Prior to joining Generali, Andreas worked at Credit Suisse, ZH consulting on a variety of testing, support and QA projects for trading systems, including support and defect tracking for trading floor exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange, SWX, CS Singapore and Xetra.

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