Inflectra's New Bundles Are What You Never Knew You Needed

August 2nd, 2019 by inflectra

Based on the popularity of our product bundles that offer great savings on SpiraTeam and Rapise, we are pleased to announce the launch of more bundles to help you save money and get going with our products faster and easier.

*The Prices in This Article Are Not Current, Please Contact Sales for a Current Bundle Quote*

Bundles Are Popular and Save You Money

When we first introduced the Rapise and SpiraTeam bundles a year ago, we didn't realize how popular they would be:

Starter Bundle - SpiraTeam 5 and Rapise 1

This is designed for small QA teams that will be managing testing with a single dedicated automation engineer writing automation tests.


PLUS Bundle - SpiraTeam 10 and Rapise 3

This is designed for medium sized teams that will be managing a project with a QA team doing test automation as part of the effort.

But then again, why wouldn't you want to have both a world class test management system and test automation tool at the same time? Makes sense!

However we had customers that were looking for larger numbers of licenses and also were interested in our new SpiraPlan enterprise agile planning solution, especially with its new program and risk management features. Also customers often want to extend the reach of Spira with our KronoDesk customer support solution, so we recently added two more bundles to our lineup:


PRO Bundle - SpiraPlan 20 and KronoDesk 10

This bundle is designed for organizations that are looking to manage multiple agile projects, but also need the ability to communicate with their customers and integrate customer feedback and issues into the development lifecycle.

Save over 20% with SpiraPlan and KronoDesk Bundled 20+10 for $7,000


Ultimate Bundle - SpiraPlan 30, KronoDesk 10, Rapise 5

This bundle is designed for larger organizations that are looking to manage multiple projects and programs, have a significant test or process automation requirements and need to be responsive to customers' needs.

Save over 25% with SpiraPlan, KronoDesk and Rapise Bundled for $12,000

Want a Different Combination? You Got It!

If you don't see a combination that works for you, don't worry, just contact our sales team who'd be happy to put together a custom bundle for you.

Inflectra Bundles

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