Inflectra Supports ISTC 2022 Testing Competition

July 5th, 2022 by inflectra

Inflectra is once again excited to support this year’s Israeli Software Testing Cup! Sponsors every year since 2017, we’re happy to continue to support the Israeli testing community through this competition. Inflectra is making its award-winning test management solution - SpiraTest available to the teams, judges, and organizers to run the competition.

The Israel Software Testing Cup (ISTC)

The sixth season of the Israeli testing competition was hosted this year at the Daniel Hotel in Herzliya during QAGeekWeek - June 19th - 23rd.

Israeli Software Testing Cup 2023 sponsored by Inflectra
For those testers that enjoying challenges and wanted to become the 2022 ISTC Bug champions, this was the event to take part in:

Do not miss the ultimate testing challenge that will allow you to exhaust your skills Do not miss the ultimate testing challenge that will allow you to exhaust your skills in extreme conditions.

Experienced or new in the field of testing? Participate in the testing competition that will take place as part of the Testing & Automation GeekWeek conference and you may be the best testers in Israel. As part of the competition you will be asked to test a new product within a limited time frame.

Israeli Software Testing Cup 2023 Attendees

The 2022 ISTC Qualifiers and Finals

  • The qualifying round took place online on Friday 08 April 2022, during which the teams has to test a previously unseen product within 3 hours.
  • The final stage took place place as part of the Testing & Automation GeekWeek conference, at the Daniel Hotel in Herzliya, June 19th - 23rd.

The winners have been published in the world of tests, on the ITCB website and on social networks.

ISTC Participants

As in previous years, The ISTC used Inflectra's test management powerhouse - SpiraTest to track and report bugs and issues found in the software under test (SUT) during the competition. Here are the final scores from the SpiraTest ISTC instance:

ISTC Bug Count in SpiraTest

Congratulations to the winning team and all participants!

ISTC Winners

For those lucky winners of the first prize - flight, lodging and participation in the Agile Testing Days 2022 conference in Germany - come by the Inflectra booth at the conference and meet the team behind SpiraTest as well as pick up some of our legendary swag.



Inflectra Sponsorship ISTC Testing Competition STWC

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