Inflectra's Tools That Solve Software Development & Testing Challenges in the Financial Sector

April 11th, 2018 by inflectra

Are you working in a highly regulated industry, such as finance or banking?

Do you have to deal with constantly changing regulatory compliance needs in software development and testing? 

Are requirements traceability, security and privacy, system's speed and agility and data interoperability some of the areas that require constant monitoring, upgrading and investment?

Inflectra offers a powerful set of tools: SpiraTeam, Rapise and SpiraPlan - that work together seamlessly to solve all these problems and many more. 

Stay on top of your compliance and validation needs with Inflectra.

Explore the details of how Inflectra's tools can help you solve Software Development & Testing Challenges in Banking and Finance in our white paper. 

Regulatory Compliance finance and banking Traceability

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