InflectraCON 2022: What’s In It for Partners?

February 16th, 2022 by inflectra

You have probably already heard us talk about InflectraCON 2022, our two-day multi-track conference featuring keynote speakers, user training, and certification taking place in person in the nation’s capital on May 5-6, 2022. You might have already checked out the amazing speakers showcased throughout the conference, and the conference agenda that is jam-packed with networking, training, and roundtable opportunities. You may have even read about our Star Wars-themed reception marking Inflectra’s 16th anniversary and our collective emergence from the pandemic. But have you heard of all the partner-exclusive opportunities available at InflectraCON 2022 yet? 

Read below to learn about all the incentives and perks for partners at InflectraCON 2022.


If you’re an existing or prospective partner, you might think that such a conference is great for users, but what’s in it for partners? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve been working hard to ensure that all attendees benefit from InflectraCON. In addition to the activities available to all who attend the conference, we have created a partner track focused on providing intensive training, open discussions, and networking opportunities for our partners.

Here are the highlights:

  • 2-hour Partner Summit

  • 2-hour Sales Bootcamp

  • Exclusive Partner Networking Events

  • Partner Minute / On-stage Show-and-Tell 

  • Product Roundtable and Roadmaps Discussion 

  • 1-on-1 Strategic Meeting with Inflectra Leadership

  • Spira & Rapise Training and Certification.

Here’s a pamphlet that goes into detail about all the partner perks. 

To get even more out of InflectraCON, become a sponsor! With a sponsorship, your organization can:

  • Gain visibility 

  • Strengthen your brand

  • Showcase your products & services

  • Gain access to your target market

  • Network in an in-person environment 

  • Recruit new talent 

  • Build new business relationships 

  • Save money.

And if you need even more reasons to become a sponsor, we’ve got you covered: here are more sponsorship benefits

*IMPORTANT:* We are giving a 50% discount to all partners on sponsorship packages.

So, have we convinced you to attend InflectraCON 2022 yet? 

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Not a partner, but want to explore Inflectra's partner and software ecosystems? Join us for InflectraCON 2022 to check us out!


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