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March 31st, 2022 by inflectra

If you haven't heard of InflectraCON 2022 - our annual User Summit and Agile/DevOps Conference by now - I think you can totally skip this blog. But I truly hope you are excited about this opportunity to attend Inflectra platform training, get certified, join customer/roadmap discussions, and find answers to your questions in 1-on-1 sessions with Inflectra experts.

Snag your Full Access Ticket now!

If you are looking to attend a more well-rounded conference, check out our amazing thought leadership tracks, networking opportunities, and workshops tailored for your needs, interests, and wants.

But first a little bit of fun!

If it's been a long winter and even longer two years for you as well, InflectraCON will give you an opportunity to shake off those virtual meeting blues. Adam Sandman, the CEO of Inflectra, just offered you the cure! 

Explore the InflectraCON 2022 Program: 

As you know 

Amazing Keynotes: 



Agile Testing Speakers:


Talks about Agile:

  • Scrumban – Effectively Combining Scrum and Kanban by Bob Payne
  • How to nudge your way through agile testing by Ard Kramer
  • I’m a BA Girl in Agile World by Mindy Bohannon
  • Agile Coaches Can Wear Many Hats. Find the Coach You Need by Steve Moubrey
  • Spira: Risk Management (FMEA) by Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan

 DevOps Speakers:


Dive into DevOps:

  • Design Thinking (a 2-part workshop)
  • Explain DevOps To Me Like I’m Five: DevOps for Managers
  • Automation Framework and the Role it Plays in DevSecOps
  • The Dos and Don'ts of Accessibility

QA Speakers:


Quality Engineering: 

  • Built-in Quality – How do you build quality in? by Derk-Jan De Grood
  • Games & Puzzles To Build And Improve Testing Skills! by Bob Crews
  • Testing Event-Driven Architectures by Nate Custer 
  • Maturing The Enterprise Quality Practice by Sarala Pandey

InflectraCON User Summit Ticket Sales Close On April 10, 2022


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See you at inflectraCON 2022!

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