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It’s Official – East Coast User Summit is On!

April 7th, 2017 by inflectra

You probably remember our recent posts about Inflectra’s plan to host North America User Summits in Boston, MA and San-Francisco, CA in 2017. We are pleased to announce that we’ve now finalized the details of our inaugural East Coast User Summit, and have the following updates to share:  


East Coast User Summit: Boston, MA

The first of two North America User Summits, the East Coast User Summit will take place in downtown Boston on May 18, 2017. A local co-working space – Oficio on Boston's famous Newberry St will host this event.

Additionally, we have made a few changes to our original event agenda, and an updated version is now available on Slideshare. This new arrangement allows our partners to present their company news, as well as feedback and thoughts on Inflectra's possible new product features.

But this event is not only for our partners! We welcome all software testers, coders, programmers and project managers. If you like software testing, we would love to meet you.

So, if you haven’t done so yet, we encourage you to register for the event via Eventbrite.


Past User Summits

In March 2017, we travelled to Europe to connect with our product enthusiasts in the UK, Switzerland and Germany. We've met with over 40 partners in London, Mannheim and Zurich in three User Summits. These gatherings gave us a wealth of information and valuable insight into how European markets view Inflectra’s software solutions and what direction our product development efforts should take. We’ve summarized the most salient points from these conversations in a blogpost: Listening to our Customers: Updated Product Roadmaps.

It is now your turn, USA, to demonstrate your thought leadership and forward thinking in all things software testing. Let’s have a conversation to figure out how Inflectra can perfect its products to stay relevant, effective, and contemporary on the US market.

See you all in Boston!

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