Inflectra's First of Many In-Person Events for 2023! - Happy Hour Meet & Greet Recap

February 21st, 2023 by inflectra

#TeamInflectra was excited to host our meetup event of 2023 on Thursday, February 16th. An eclectic group of attendees joined us throughout the evening at The Admiral in Washington, DC right in DuPont Circle - we appreciate those who came and took time to get to know our team and our products. Read more to see how the night went and what you can expect in future Inflectra meetups.


Overall, the Inflectra team was very pleased with the results of the meetup. Some of the contributions to this successful event were how:

  • The conversations were meaningful, and attendees were active. Washington, DC is full of people who have moved here from different parts of the world, so it was fascinating to hear what brought people in that evening and how they came to working in the area. We learned all of our attendees came for a different reason - from wanting to learn about our company and products, the tech industry, doing research on the job market, or simply meeting others in the area. Conversations in full speed, interesting, and insightful.
  • There was never a dull moment. We were very fortunate to have a group of people who were ready to come out and get in on the action. There was always someone from #TeamInflectra there to greet our guests and get them situated with a bright name tag, product information, and a bingo card in their hand. Once settled in, attendees did not hesitate to hi to one another, take part in the games, and enjoy all of the amenities at the event. We hope people left with new LinkedIn connections, traded business cards, and learned something new in addition to having fun.
  • Our famous James Bond pens were a hit once again. Our globally known James Bond pens were up for grabs at the event! Newcomers got to see that we do more than software testing, but also make cool and useful swag. As a bonus, if you were lucky enough, you got to watch CEO Adam Sandman give a full demo showing off its capabilities.


On top of meeting lots of people, the attendees and team enjoyed:

  • A unique game of bingo! Who doesn't love a nostalgic game? To get to know attendees even more than just their work life, we had different several people were able to get 5 in a row and take swag home as a prize!
  • Delicious comfort food. Despite the weather giving us gray clouds and lots of rain, we looked forward to warming up with a buffet of bar food staples. People seemed to really enjoy the garlic fries, but the brussels sprouts were also an unexpected conversation starter!
  • The Admiral staff were very friendly and helpful. Upon entering The Admiral, you are immediately greeted by their friendly staff. The employees we interacted with throughout the night gave us quick service, were easy to talk to, and kept the area looking clean; they were, without a doubt, a big contribution to the positive outcome of our event.


From April 19-21, 2023 in Washington, DC, join us at our annual InflectraCON 2023 conference! Meet our staff members from all around the globe, attend talks, participate in workshops, and learn more about Inflectra’s software ecosystem. Get tickets today!


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