Meeting the Software Testing Community in Israel During QAGeekWeek, DevGeekWeek and the ISTC

June 25th, 2017 by inflectra

During the past week, Team Inflectra had the amazing opportunity to visit Israel for the inaugural Israeli Software Testing Cup (ISTC). The ISTC was organized by one of our customers Anna Lucovsky (Mentor Graphics) and Inflectra was proud to sponsor the ISTC and DevGeekWeek 2017 (a week long celebration of software development and testing). In addition, we were fortunate enough to meet a lot of our long-term customers and people interested in improving the software development and testing during an evening meetup organized by Inflectra.

Meeting Developers & Testers at DevGeekWeek

Team Inflectra was proud to sponsor the ISTC and DevGeekWeek 2017, with our partners from Engineering Software Lab, we met lots of testers, developers, project managers, and IT professionals looking to find out about new methods and skills and improve their craft.

The Inflectra booth was a popular stop for conference attendees, with great conversations and lots of useful SWAG to take home:

The Inaugural Israeli Software Testing Cup (ISTC)

Inflectra was proud to sponsor the inaugural Israeli Software Testing Cup (ISTC), with SpiraTest being used to run the competition.

Each team had a separate project in SpiraTest and they had to find as many bugs as possible in a new startup Education application being developed by a local company.

Each of the teams works as individuals or pairs and had to work under the clock to find reproducible bugs or test failures:

Once the finals were over, the organizers had a day to collate the results, before we presented the prizes to the winners of the competition (first, second, and third place), with the winners getting free copies of Inflectra software, plus other prizes from the ISTC organizers:

Our very own Adam Sandman, was present to congratulate the winners and thank the ISTC for making this possible:

Seminar on Setting up a Testing Environment

Since we were in town for the ISTC, Inflecta was invited by the organizers of DevGeekWeek (and its sister event QAGeekWeek) to present at their seminar on Real Testing Scenarios and Strategies.


Adam Sandman, presented a session on practical strategies for setting up a testing environment, from requirements to test coverage, unit testing, functional testing and often overlooked aspects such as performance, security and final installation testing.


If you would like a copy of the presentation, please clip it below

Testing: {!(Script || Bother)}

During the Wednesday Evening of QA Geek Week, Inflectra hosted a meetup for its customers (shout out to Schmuel, it was great to meet you after being a customer for 8 years) and other testers and developers interested in learning more about our products and ways to improve testing and development:


Adam and Alexey were present to explain the new features in SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, and Rapise and take questions from the audience on ways to reduce the problems associated with software testing. Here's a quick excerpt that we recorded:

If you would like a copy of the presentation, please clip it below:

Seminar on Resilient Test Automation

Denis Markovtsev and Alexey Grinevich from Inflectra presented during the automated testing session of the conference, with the focus on tips and techniques for making automated testing more resilient and robust, with the tests more likely to survive application changes, and also avoid false positives when an application changes but the tests still appear to pass.

In addition, Denis and Alexey introduced the new Rapise Visual Language, and described how it can be used together with other technologies such as Recording, Object Based Learning and Spy Tools to make the life of the automation engineer much easier.

If you would like a copy of the presentation, please clip it below:

Meeting Inflectra Users at Mentor Graphics

The final adventure of the week was to visit our long-standing customer Mentor Graphics in Rehovot and get real-time feedback from Anna Lucovsky and her users regarding some of the changes we've recently made, and also on ways to improve the usability of SpiraTest that would be easy to implement:


Following this event, Team Inflectra took a few hours well deserved rest before flying back to their home offices... hopefully we will be back for DevGeekWeek 2018...



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