O (#Star)Canada, we bid adieu to thee

October 28th, 2019 by inflectra

We have just come back to Washington DC after visiting our favorite EXPO in Canada – Techwell’s #StarCanada 2019. This was our 2nd visit to this conference and it did not disappoint. Here is what happened at #StarCanada on October 22-24. 

On October 22, after a fairly turbulent flight, we landed in lovely Toronto. Conference hotel's downtown location offered many great views of the city:

Upon arrival to the hotel we set up "shop" and got our badges:

The EXPO opened its doors on October 23 and as expected, Inflectra was popular. This was partly due to the clever set-up and games organized by TechWell, but also due to our colorful booth and swag.

In a true tester fashion, we had our booth visitors test our most popular swag item - a wireless IPhone charger 👇:

All in all, between our superior software products, our #awesome swag and our friendly personalities, we rocked the vendor game on the EXPO floor.

But we also had another trick up our sleeves - we lined up a killer conference talk for October 23! Adam Sandman, our Technical Director was selected as a first-time STAR conference speaker by Techwell. Congratulations to Adam! 

The talk on API Testing took place on October 23 and was well attended:

A short article about some of the issues discussed during the talk - called Why API Testing Is Mission-Critical - was included in Techwell Insights prior to StarCanada 2019. Take a look!

In addition, a recording of the actual presentation was made and will soon be available via TechWell - so stay tuned! 

To keep the excitement levels up, a traditional StarCanada reception and a raffle followed the first full day of the conference. Everyone played, many won prizes. The winner of our prize - a cute, white Polariod camera was Karen 👇! 

We are happy to have this opportunity to meet so many Canadian (and American) software testers, as well as local and international companies operating in this space. Thank you for chatting with us during the conference.

If you did not have a chance to stop by our booth at StarCanada 2019, we will catch you at StarEast or StarWest in 2020.

See you soon!

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