Recap: EuroSTAR in Copenhagen, Denmark

June 15th, 2022 by inflectra

After two years of missing the legendary EuroSTAR software testing conference (we did take part in the virtual events, but it's not the same), #TeamInflectra was privileged to be able to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark for the 30th Anniversary EuroSTAR event. At EuroSTAR, we were able to join over 1,000 software testers for 4 incredible days of learning, testing and community connections. It was a great opportunity for our team to connect with the world's leading software testing experts, listen to inspiring keynotes, interactive tutorials, buzzing track talks and in exchange give attendees a very special Inflectra welcome. Here's the recap of our time at the conference.

Arriving in Copenhagen

Like secret agents in a movie, #TeamInflectra set out from various locations around the world (well mainly, Maryland, Virginia and Marseilles) the weekend before the event to meet up, plan for the event, get over jet-lag and also have some time for catching up and team-building before the start of the event.

Flying in to Copenhagen airport, we got to enjoy the streamlined aesthetic and cool Nordic architecture. We also marveled at the worlds most sophisticated 7-11 store right in the airport terminal!

From there, the team traveled on the super-cool Copenhagen metro to the Bella Conference Center and adjacent AC Marriott Bella Sky Hotel.

This was to be our home for the next four days. Featuring ground-breaking architecture from Danish 3XN Architects, the hotel consists of two inclined towers, standing 76.5 m tall with an inclination in opposite directions of 15°. From our hotel rooms on the 20th floor, we had an unparalleled view of the center of Copenhagen as well as the surrounding countryside. Sadly, due to the demands of the conference, we didn't get to spend too much time in them!

Before turning in for the night, the team designed to test drive the bar and lounge in the Hotel, since we are software testers, we tested a selection of the local cocktails, beers and small plates. After some exploratory testing we decided to leave the load testing to another evening....!

Inflectra Booth at the Expo Day 1

After settling in for the night, Team Inflectra was up early at the crack of dawn (or at least 07:30) for the first day of the event. Thanks to the sumptuous spread put on by the hotel, we were suitably filled up and ready to spring into action.

The team assembled in the Expo to prepare the Inflectra booth, ready to demonstrate SpiraTest for test management, SpiraPlan for project, program and risk management, and of course Rapise for test automation. The Expo provides a place where people come to explore the latest solutions, technologies, and tools in testing. The Expo also provided a place to network with other vendors and attendees and see what the latest developments are in the industry. It's also a great place to learn about the news and plans from both our competitors and partners.

For those who have attended our other events, you will know that #TeamInflectra prides itself on having the best swag at the event. This time we did not disappoint. From our lovingly handcrafted stickers (thanks Simon for all your wonderful designs) to the blue tooth headphones, wireless charging pads and "James Bond" pens, we were the talk of the town!!!

As well as coming for swag, attendees were really excited to learn about our products and get live demonstrations from the team. We use a series of iPads loaded with our products to make the demonstrations personal and interactive.

At the end of the first day of the Conference, it was time for the Expo Sponsors Reception. Held in the Expo area, it was a good time to network with the attendees and other exhibitors, learn about their pain points and of course partake in the most excellent wine and beer that was available. Thanks EuroSTAR for putting on such a great spead.

After the drinks reception, #TeamInflectra took the opportunity to taste some traditional Danish cuisine at the BASALT restaurant in the hotel. Featuring the following approach to cooking:

B A S A L T is a tale about fire and mankind. The fire that allows us to tame the wild to create something unique. The fire that gave us security, became a gathering point and a gastronomic tool. It’s right here around the fire that we create, eat and live - and invite our guests on the journey.

We enjoyed the Danish côte de boeuf roasted on the bone accompanied with a medley of fire-roasted vegetables and followed by brioche twirls served on coal, chocolate, browned butter. Truly an inferno of a meal!

Inflectra Booth at the Expo Day 2

The team reassembled for the second day of the Expo, where we met testers, designers, developers and managers from companies all across Europe. We were excited to learn about their challenges and then show them the power and ease of use of our Spira platform:

We also managed to give away all of our goodies and merchandise!! Overall the tone of the event was one of happiness and thankfulness. After two years of lockdowns and restrictions, people were almost giddy with excitement at being able to chat and interact with "real" people. Compared to the conferences pre-pandemic, it did seem that that attendees were more engaged and attentive than ever before.

The EuroSTAR Software Testing Awards Gala

One of the really unique parts of the EuroSTAR event is the dinner and Awards Gala that they put on each year. Reminiscent of The Oscars, the Awards Gala is fun place to dress up in fancy clothes, let your hair down and enjoy an amazing dinner with your fellow conference goers. This year it was event more special by being held at the famous Wallmans Circus Cabaret in  #Copenhagen.

Part theater, part musical, part drag-show, it's hard to describe the event entirely. The waiters and waitresses double as cast members in the show itself.

There is dancing, singing, high-wire trapeze, flying pianos and musical tributes to The Eurythmics and Queen. We had a lot of fun, and due to the exhilarating nature of the event, decided to resume our load testing of the local bar scene in Copenhagen, however as they say "What happens in Copenhagen Stays in Copenhagen" :-)

Seeing Familiar Faces

Finally, we would like to give a "shout out" to Fahim and the team from Global App Testing in London, who we've not seen for the past two years. They were excited to co-sponsor a special drinks reception to customers and partners in the roof-top Sky Bar.

We don't have any photos, but we were also delighted to meet Darren and Kayla from our partner The Test Consultancy (TTC).

That's a Wrap!

After a final third day of the Expo, the team were exhausted but tired from the week's activities. We really enjoyed reconnecting with our friends, partners and colleagues in Europe...

... and are looking forward to repeating the whole thing again Next Year in Antwerp!

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