Recap: Satellite 2022 in Washington, D.C.

March 23rd, 2022 by inflectra

As conferences and in-person events are slowly coming back to life in our community, #TeamInflectra was excited and fortunate to attend and participate in Satellite 2022 this year. Recognized as one of the most critical and inclusive social gatherings in the space and satellite world, the Satellite conference brings together executives, engineers, government officials, and commercial customers to solve global challenges, increase access to space, and cultivate new innovation and future leadership. Here's the recap of our experience at the conference. 

Convening at the Convention Center 

Early Wednesday morning, the Inflectra Team made their way to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, not so far away from Inflectra headquarters. The Walter E. Convention Center, located in the heart of downtown DC’s convention and entertainment district, unites locals and visitors from around the world to experience events from international policy conferences to black-tie fundraisers, to industry conventions like this one.

We used the time before the event to grab a coffee and develop a strategy to make the most of our time at the conference. Divide and conquer!

Inflectra at Satellite 2022

Suited in our Inflectra gear, the team was ready and prepared to take on the Exhibit Show Floor full of the latest satellite innovations, technology, and solutions. Although not everyone was prepared for the photo, the team was excited.


After receiving our conference badges and some swag, we made our way to the cavernous Exhibit Floor. But first, we had to stop and take a look at all the conference installations, like this gigantic Satellite board triple our size! We got to thinking…how cool would it be to have something like this at our InflectraCON conference?


Meeting Current Customers

Once we made our way to the Exhibit Floor, we immediately spotted a few Inflectra customers. We stopped to talk and catch-up and even provide some technical support for our SpiraPlan platform.


Learning About the Wonders of the Satellite World 

While at Satellite 2022, we got to learn a whole lot more about the Satellite world and its importance in a variety of industries, like media & entertainment, military & government, investment, transportation, and commercial markets. We had the opportunity to engage with industry leaders, young professionals, and entrepreneurs in that space and discuss the evolution of satellites in this broad scope of industries. Plus, we got to check out some pretty awesome booth set-ups on display.



Additionally, we had the chance to share with others how our tools support this evolution—namely the importance of Quality Assurance for the systems responsible for building such crucial technologies. We discussed how our tool platform Spira ensures quality and offers key features, like requirements management and integrated risk management, that help companies better manage the creation of their technologies.


Wrapping Up our Time at Satellite 

Once we had made our rounds through the Exhibit Floor, we finished our day off by grabbing a beer near the Convention Center, conference swag in hand. Although our feet may have been tired, we were feeling energized for the many upcoming events this spring and summer. See you next year, Satellite!



We Look Forward to Seeing You... 

inflectracon-inflectra-conference-2022-imageAt our annual conference InflectraCON on May 5-6, 2022 in Washington, DC. 



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