Using Risk-Driven Development (RDD) in Software Delivery

January 18th, 2023 by inflectra

There is not a single industry today that does not use software to manage their projects or its portfolio of operations. Whether it is developing software that the company sells for their clients or assuring quality in the continuous realization of value through the operational value delivery pipeline, risk management is critical. Find out how you can use risk-driven development to deliver higher quality software at lower risk.


There is an intense focus on value generation in today’s business community. The emergence of markets based on the fourth industrial revolution technologies have increased the type, number, and complexity of the software interfaces. No longer are users expected to interface with the software with a keyboard and mouse. The use of artificial intelligence and technological sophistication has made many different keyboard-less interfaces possible such as touch, voice, and local environment in the case of the Internet of Things (IoT). This has allowed us to communicate in semi-autonomous cars and smart homes.

The ubiquity of the software along with the severity of the risks can have serious economic consequences. Some of these risks could also be fatal to the users and the people employed in managing the development and operational value streams in regulated fields like healthcare.

Learn more in this timely new whitepaper on Risk-Driven Development (RDD).

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