Spira 5.1 - Cross Project Associations

November 3rd, 2016 by inflectra

One of the key new features is that you can share artifacts between different projects. This is useful for customers that have projects in Spira that contain requirements for core components that can be reused by other projects that are composed of those core components.

Project Sharing

In Spira 5.1 each project can specify which other projects it is willing to share with:

You can share a different set of artifacts with each project. The project you share with will apply its roles and permissions to the users viewing the items. The project you share with will be able to view and link to these artifacts, but not change them.

Making the Associations

Once you have setup the project sharing, the new Associations panel lets you more easily link artifacts:

The associations can be between artifacts in the same project (as was allowed before) and also now between different projects.

spira cross-project associations components

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