Spotlight on Spira 6.16 - Workspace Navigation Enhancements

April 13th, 2022 by inflectra

We have made some nice usability enhancements in the upcoming release of Spira 6.16 to improve the workspace (products, programs and portfolios) and artifact selection. With this new release, you will be able to filter the list of workspaces and also navigate to recent artifacts more quickly and easily.

Workspace Filtering

When you have a large number of active workspaces (products, programs and portfolios), expanding and collapsing the hierarchy can be tedious and laborious.

Workspace dropdown list

So, in version 6.16 we have introduced a filtering system where you can enter in the partial name of a product, program and portfolio and the system will dynamically filter down the list for you:

Workspace list filtered

Recent Artifacts

In the My Page dashboard you have a special widget Recent Artifacts that shows you the most recently accessed items in the system (requirements, test cases, defects, risks, tasks, etc.). However to access this list you need to first navigate to the My Page from your current location.

Recent Artifacts dashboard widget

To save time, version 6.16 introduces a handy section to the Spira global search dialog box to now display the most recent artifacts directly under the search box.

Recent Artifacts Navigation List

This means that you can now access the list of recent artifacts from any page directly without first having to navigate back to the My Page. In our testing, this has provided to be a huge time saver, allowing you to quickly go back to an item you were working on.

spotlight roadmap workspaces artifacts navigation usability

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