Spotlight on SpiraTeam v5.4.0.4 - Security & Performance

June 5th, 2018 by inflectra

We will be releasing the latest version of SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, and SpiraPlan v5.4 this week - v5.4.0.4. It's probably the last release of Spira v5 as we now change gears and focus on Spira v6.0. We shall be updating the roadmap shortly, for those who have been asking. But first, what's in the latest version.

New Artifact Icons

As part of the UI enhancements for our Spira platform (and in preparation for the new functionality coming in v6.0 later this year) we have updated the artifact icons in Spira. Hopefully, you will find the new icons to be more easily recognizable on different sized displays as well as having a more contemporary design. Eagle eyed viewers will notice that they follow a modular structure that allows us to more easily add new icons in the coming versions and maintain the overall design integrity. So here's the new icons that you will see in v5.4.0.4:
In v6.0 we anticipate adding new artifacts such as Risks, Programs, Roadmaps, Themes, Baselines, Ideas, so this new design language gives us the foundation to build upon. We have also color-coded the artifacts by module (Planning, Testing, Tracking) to make it easier to see where in the system you are at any given time.

Security Enhancements

Many of our customers in more regulated industries such as Healthcare and Finance have asked us to enhance the security options in Spira to allow for enforced password expiry, and requiring that passwords do not contain a user's name or  login. Well we can announce that v5.4.0.4 now includes those sought after features:

Performance Enhancements

We have made some very important performance enhancements in v5.4.0.4 when it comes to creating and saving artifacts in the system. We have made some general application-wide improvements, plus some very specific enhancements in the requirements management module, making the saving of requirements up to 400% faster.

Other Features and Fixes

In addition to these key new features, the following bug fixes and enhancements are part of the new version:
  •     Exploratory testing: associated incidents are not shown during test execution- [IN:4461]
  •     Exploratory test containing a link to another test case: upon saving, the link is removed.- [IN:4466]
  •     Saving Automation info with error gives concurrency error.- [IN:4563]
  •     Sorting of test run sections in reports incorrect- [IN:4638]
  •     Edit button appears on some association tabs where it should not.- [IN:4640]
  •     Allow Source Code Sidebar to be Expandable- [IN:4649]
  •     Parameters Pop-up Window Can;t be Dragged & Dropped- [IN:4650]
  •     Test execution page jitters and shakes at specific screen and page height combinations- [IN:4651]
  •     Ability to require users to change password at certain intervals [RQ:35]
  •     Improvements to TaraVault [RQ:2170]

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