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February 17th, 2017 by inflectra

If you are looking for a tech side hustle, you’ve come to the right place. And, get this: we’ve done the company research for you. Read about what we need and decide if you want to make some cash, while doing something you like.

What we are looking for: in the short run, we are interested in high quality, sharable content focused on software development and testing, automated testing, DevOps, ALM, agile software development, continuous delivery and so on. Our longer-term goal is to build up a corps of tech evangelists and influencers who love our products and are available for speaking engagements, trainings, software-related curriculum development, etc.

What we are offering: short-term per blog compensation, with long-term opportunities such as web and event sponsorship and tech evangelist position with Inflectra.

More specifically, Inflectra is looking to create compelling content to strengthen its presence and brand recognition locally and globally through opportunities for engagement in both the virtual and real worlds.  



Inflectra will consider one of the following types of engagement with bloggers:

  • Blogging for Inflectra – we are looking for bloggers who are available to write monthly blogs, articles, White Papers, Background Papers about one of Inflectra’s products to be published on their blog/website with links to Inflectra’s website.
  • Guest blogging – we are looking for guest bloggers interested in creating content around Inflectra’s products for Inflectra’s own blog/website. For example:
  • Partner-Blogging – we will be interested in co-authoring thematic articles, white papers, background papers to be published on guest blog(s) with links to our website. For example:
  • Inflectra’s content syndication – we are looking for other opportunities to push our blog, web-site, or video content out into third-party sites, either as a full article, snippet, and links.


We understand full well that online engagement through content marketing can only go so far. Therefore, we are open to suggestions for other, real-world activities. These five types of activities come to mind:

  • Web Sponsorship – we will consider annual sponsorship of websites that have software testing, DevOps, ALM, Agile Testing at their thematic core. Hosting Inflectra’s product banners and publishing Inflectra’s content will be required. The example of this is here:
  • Event Sponsorship – we are happy to sponsor events about Software Testing, DevOps, ALM, Agile Testing, etc. For instance:
  • Partnership -  we are interested in partnerships that go beyond sponsorship, and include collaboration on and access to opportunities for speaking engagements, paper submission at conferences, etc on Software Testing, DevOps, ALM, Agile Testing, etc.
  • Influencer Engagement – we will be happy to enlist the help of tech influencers to generate honest reviews of Inflectra’s proprietary software.
  • Inflectra Evangelist/Champion – we are looking to build a corps of tech evangelists to teach and speak about Inflectra’s products.

If you are interested in any of these side-hustles, please send your ideas to and stay tuned to Inflectra news on our FacebookTwitter and Linked-in pages! 

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