StarWest 2022 - It's a Wrap, Folks

October 17th, 2022 by inflectra

Yet another StarWest is in the rearview mirror, and we have some takeaways to share. 

  • Innovate, and they will come - Starwest (and techwell, in general) is known for its relentless search for new ideas and outstanding learning opportunities for conferencegoers. This Starwest, the organizers introduced VIP packages for companies who wanted to send groups of employees to a conference for learning outcomes and team-building. Other honorable mentions for the Test Leadership Summit and Women Who Test - both fantastic learning opportunities.
  • Program maketh conference - the key to a great conference is the quality of its speakers and talks. Unsung heroes here are the members of the conference selection committee. However, Techwell seems to invest time and resources in finding the top talent to help them create the best program possible. 
  • Take care of your sponsors, and they will stand by you - StarWest had a robust number of companies of all sizes exhibiting in Anaheim, CA. Techwell’s approach to nurturing sponsors and building relationships with them has made STAR conferences a staple of many companies’ annual marketing budgets.
  • Fun and Wellness - Starwest is in step with other famous conferences emphasizing wellness (morning yoga) and fun activities: speed networking, welcome reception, bonus sessions, interviews, and games. But nothing beats Starwest’s famous location - Disneyland! No matter what age, we all want to go to Disneyland. 

Continue reading to learn more about Inflectra’s adventures at StarWest!

Starting the conference the right way:

Everyone loves a good meet and greet at the beginning of the conference. If your company kept you from conferences because of the last two years’ events, you would crave the camaraderie and playful banter characteristic of Techwells’s welcome receptions. StarWest meet and greet was no exception. Icebreaker games and complimentary beverages made the reception even more engaging. Great conversations led to new connections and budding friendships. 

Inflectra at the expo: 

The STARWest organizers know how to treat their sponsors and partners. The expo was well managed, and the refreshments were bountiful. The Inflectra booth was strategically located close to all the delicious refreshments, including Mickey mouse ice cream bars.

The Inflectra booth was packed with our awesome swag and smiling team members. We were glad to meet and talk shop with so many of you. 

Presenting at StarWest 2022:

Being selected to speak at StarWest is no mean feat. The selection committee is wise and discerning. So it was super exciting to have Inflectra’s CEO Adam Sandman present his talk about Software Architecture for Testers – Where the Bodies are Buried! to the StarWest  2022 audience. The talk was well attended and well received, with lots of interesting questions asked and answered. 


Supporting Leadership Summit:

Leadership summit & reception is the crown jewel of every techwell event. For the second time this year, Inflectra sponsored this pre-summit reception. The reception is a great way for the summit attendees to come together and work out the objectives of Leadership in Software Testing training the following day. Team Inflectra spent a few minutes greeting the attendees and thanking the organizers on October 6, 2022. 


Location, Location, Location

StarWest takes place in the Disneyland Hotel, steps away from downtown Disneyland and parks. Need we say more? 


(shoutout to Angel Williams for the photo of TIE Whisper above)



Stay tuned for more adventures of the Inflectra Team.

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