System Administrators Are People Too!

August 29th, 2018 by inflectra

One of the unfortunate realities of software development is that the system administrators are usually the last people to get new features. When products are adding new goodies, improving usability or looking to streamline workflows, the administrators are usually an afterthought. Well, as we're working on the new templating and program management features in Spira 6.0, we have made sure to improve the experience for system and project administrators at the same time.

In Spira 6.0 as a result of the project templates feature, administrators will be able to customize requirement, task, and test case priorities and types. As a result we realized that we needed to improve the administration user experience since we would be adding lots of new options for administrators to configure. So we have added two new dashboards:

System Administrator Dashboard

For system administrators, there is a new administration dashboard that brings all of the most frequently used features together in a single place:

We focused on surfacing the most critical and important items, such as the need to unlock users that have gotten their accounts locked out, approving new user requests, seeing the status of data synchronization with other systems, and viewing any urgent errors, warnings or security audit events in the event log. Of course, all of the administration options are still available in the global admin navigation.

Project Administration Dashboard

Not leaving our the project owners (aka project administrators), we have also added a project administrator dashboard for each project. This will let project owners see the details of their project, recent activity, new members, components, and the configuration of both source code providers and data synchronization for the project. It will also provide a route for project administrators that are not system administrators to change the source code and data synchronization project settings for the first time.



As we continue with the new templating features, we most likely will add a program owner's dashboard and template owner's dashboard as well.

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