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November 9th, 2022 by inflectra

Let me be blunt - Inflectra needs your help in collecting the reviews of our flagship platform -  SpiraPlan! Like others, we use your reviews as social proof and to get awards and recognition like these SpiraTest badges👇🏽:


Review SpiraPlan now! (We promise the whole thing is quick and painless - it only takes 10 minutes!)

We have partnered with - the world-class software review platform, to collect SpiraPlan reviews from our loyal customers and users.

But why should you care about reviewing SpiraPlan, you ask?!

It is no big secret that product reviews play a significant role for companies like Inflectra as far as our credibility is concerned. Reviews are also an excellent resource for prospective customers to understand our software platforms’ pros (and cons, sigh). We use Spira and Rapise reviews to increase the global tech audiences’ positive perception of our solutions, thus improving our brand recognition and brand awareness.

We believe there should be a balance in the universe. So, as a thank you for writing the SpiraPlan review, the first 20 users will receive a $50 e-gift card of their choice. Everyone wins, YAY!

Review SpiraPlan now!*

Please note that the review campaign is run from LinkedIn and will end on November 11, 2022.

Please hurry! 


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