Test Automation & Digital QA Summit 2022 Recap

September 27th, 2022 by inflectra

Adam Sandman, or CEO was excited to present his talk "Are You Ready to Run the Risk - Introduction to Risk Based Testing" at the recent TestingMind Test Automation and Digital QA Summit  2022 (#TAS22) in Washington, DC.

TAS or Test Automation & Digital QA Summit is a testing conference that focuses on software testing, test automation, and digital quality assurance. This conference is popular among QA enthusiasts and takes place in more than twelve countries across the globe.

Lineup of the speakers including Adam Sandman, our CEO.

The Washington, DC Summit showcased the trends, innovations, and challenges in the emerging world of Software and Automation Testing. The Digital transformation requirements and its focus on Quality Assurance amend the best practices of the Culture, Business Strategy, and Technology.

The Summit brought together people who are passionate about Automation testing and Quality Assurance in the Digital world.

The Summit is a key meeting place for Test Professionals and Executives from leading IT organizations. The event featured an inspiring day of talks by professional speakers focused on Test Automation innovation and the influence of Digital trends in Quality Assurance.

Ready to Run the Risk

One of the most underappreciated aspects of testing is risk. There is never enough time to do all the testing that would be needed for 100% coverage (this is true for automated testing and manual testing). Consequently, there is a tradeoff between spending time on different types of testing and focusing on specific features, modules or requirements. By applying a risk-based approach to testing, you can seek to optimize these trade-offs with a data-driven methodology.

In this talk, Adam discussed the different types of risk that you should be considering (technical, business, etc.) and how you can use the assessment of risk to create a test plan that gives you the greatest risk coverage in the time available. In addition, he covered prioritization techniques such as business feature importance, technical code stability, test stability, user flow and critical service mapping to determine where the risk lies in each software release and what testing should be done.

risk management conference recap

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