Implementing Waterfall for Execution and Management Teams in SpiraPlan

July 21st, 2021 by inflectra

Although businesses adopt agile practices to embrace change and respond to market needs, there is still a need for organizations to stay faithful to a set of principles and ideas that come from traditional waterfall project management. After all, if the good lessons learned from waterfall approaches, such as thinking of the milestones for payment terms, procuring resource commitments earlier to avoid delays in ongoing commitments, evaluating risks that challenge existing or future commitments, and technical architecture with scalability in design, are ignored, are we truly adaptive in strategic execution?

It is essential therefore that tools we use lend themselves to implementing both waterfall and agile approaches because the total cost of ownership for the company to use the same tool across the organization is low.

Spira family of products support the agile framework with its rich set of features, numerous integrations with existing development and testing tool, and customization options. Yet, a question arises if we can use Spira to implement waterfall initiatives. In this whitepaper, we will discuss the approach to implementing the waterfall initiatives in Spira.

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