Your Web App <> #TestBowl 2021 - Inflectra's Software Testing Challenge

September 4th, 2021 by inflectra

Are you working on a beta version of an app, software, or website that is ready for testing? Are you looking to avoid turning your customers into testers? We hear you, and we have a fun solution for you - bring your app/software or website to #TestBowl Christmas 2021 Edition!

As part of the Inflectra-run software testing competition - #TestBowl Xmas Edition on December 9, 2021, we offer to crowd-test your web app or software for free! 

Apply before December 1, 2021!

Why Submit Your Software to #TestBowl?

  • Get real-life testing by a group of experienced testers (up to 2 hours of testing)

  • Get testing results in the form of a bug report, and/or a test report

  • Network with expert testers

  • Get exposure for your app/software among the dynamic and diverse group of professionals from all over the USA and beyond.

  • Get Inflectra’s test management tool license for a year (SpiraTest / cloud subscription with the test results from the competition preloaded)

Who Is Eligible?

You are welcome to send us your app/software if you can: 

  • Work with #TestBowl organizers to prepare the web app or website for the competition

  • Demo the app or website at the event to acquaint the participants with its main functionalities

  • Extra points if you stay during the event to answer additional questions from testers.

What Sorts Of Web Apps/Website Are We Looking To Test?

For the best result, your app/software should be:

  • in beta testing

  • if mobile, be available for download from both Apple iOS and Google Play marketplaces

  • if web, be accessible via a public URL

  • feature-rich

  • free to download/use (for participating testers, at least)

Submit your web app information here!


About #TestBowl Organizers

#TestBowl is organized by Inflectra – a DC-based software company that makes SpiraTest. SpiraTest is a QA powerhouse and the official test management tool of #TestBowl.


Your App TestBowl 2021 Inflectras Software Testing Challenge

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