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The Ultimate Tech Event for Any Budget | Enjoy InflectraCON at an Unbeatable Price

January 27, 2023

We have excellent news for all of you - tech conference aficionados!

We have launched a set of affordable tickets for the ultimate InflectraCON 2023 experience!

This two-day conferencet will provide insight into excellence in software development, testing, agile, DevOps, leadership, cybersecurity, and innovation in tech. InflectraCON 2023 organizers believe the event must be accessible to everyone, with various ticket options to suit different budgets, times, and interests. These include full Conference and 1-day Conference lite Passes. 

Waiting is not recommended - get your tickets for InflectraCON 2023 Conference nowKeep in mind the end date for sales is February 28, 2023.

The followings are the costs and duration of the InflectraCON 2023 Conference tickets.


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