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Best Practices for Handling Acceptance Criteria

January 10, 2022

We had a customer ask us what was the recommended way to manage the Acceptance Criteria of requirements in a project. There are actually several different ways you can handle acceptance criteria depending on your exact process (and preference):

  1. You can simply add a custom Rich Text Description textbox to the Requirement artifact. That will appear underneath the main description.
  2. You can use a requirement of type Acceptance criteria and make it a 'Has Steps' type so that you could enter the acceptance checklist as steps.
  3. You create a .Feature file in the documents section and link to the requirement. That way you get the automated Gherkin syntax highlighting.
  4. You can use a test case of type Acceptance Criteria and use the test steps.

We discuss each of these options below:

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Best Practices: Choosing Your ALM Tool-Set | InflectraCon 2020 IRL

October 26, 2020

We have recently hosted Inflectra's annual user conference - InflectraCon. In 2020, we have dedicated InflectraCon to Agile Software Testing and DevOps theme and held it virtually. InflectraCon 2020 combined multiple tracks, of which, one - called Inflectra in Real Life or IRL in short - showcased the various uses of the Inflectra platforms (SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, Rapise, Kronodesk, etc.). 

Today, we present an InflectraCon 2020 IRL talk by our German Partner - PTA. The session focuses on best practices for how to choose the most appropriate ALM toolset for your company. Enjoy the presentation below! 

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Using a Pseudouser to Act as a Traffic Cop in Agile Projects

September 11, 2018

During his work assisting our clients with their agile transformations, Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan has found a best practice to be the use of a "Traffic Cop" pseudo user to better manage the flow of work items in a project and/or sprint.

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