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Time travel back to earlier iterations of Inflectra's software through these instructional videos

Using Spira 4.2 with JIRA Webinar

This webinar demonstrates how you can use SpiraTest and/or SpiraTeam with JIRA for bug-tracking and agile project management. It shows the configuration steps and includes some questions from the attendees.

Using SpiraTest with NeoLoad

This webinar demonstrates how to configure SpiraTest (our test management system) with RemoteLaunch to execute performance tests using NeoLoad (from Neotys) and have the results come back into SpiraTest with integrated SLA tracking and reporting.

SpiraTest & SpiraTeam v4.2 Managing Your QA Webinar

This webinar walks you through the process of setting up a new project in SpiraTest, creating your requirements and releases, then building your test plan to make sure all of the requirements are adequately tested. It then demonstrates how to assign and execute the tests and log defects when test failures occur.

SpiraPlan & SpiraTeam v4.2 Agile Development Webinar

Learn about how to use SpiraPlan or SpiraTeam from Inflectra to manage your agile software development project. Learn about how to use the Planning Board to do backlog planning, release planning, sprint planning and resource management. See how to use Spira for both Scrum and Kanban projects.

Rapise 3.0 Android Mobile Testing Webinar

This webinar introduces how to perform automated testing of mobile applications using the Rapise test automation system from Inflectra. This webinar demonstrates testing a sample Android application on a Nexus7 tablet.

Inflectra Rapise 3.0 Manual Testing Webinar

This webinar demonstrates the manual and exploratory testing features of Rapise 3.0. This video includes questions and answers also related to automated web testing and how to install Rapise and integrate with SpiraTest / SpiraTeam for test management and reporting.

Rapise REST Web Service Demonstration

This demonstrates how to use Rapise to test a RESTful web service application using the REST query builder and web service testing libraries.

Rapise Web Record & Playback Demonstration

This demonstration illustrates how to use the Rapise test automated system to record a simple test script against a web application and then play it back in different web browsers.

Using Rapise for Web, Mobile and Desktop Automated Testing

This video is a recording from a training session that we gave to some of our partners recently to demonstrate how to use Rapise for testing web applications, mobile apps and desktop programs.

Rapise jQuery-UI Web Testing Demonstration

This demonstration illustrates how to use the Rapise automated testing system to test rich web applications that use the jquery ajax framework and jquery-ui widget library.

Interview with QA Testing Tools

Finding the best test management solution for your needs can be a tough task for organizations at times. We discuss SpiraTest with QA Testing

Test Automation with Rapise

In this series we look at using Rapise to test different kinds of application, including: web, mobile, desktop and APIs.

SpiraTeam v3.2 - User and Project Dashboards

This demo outlines the functionality in the SpiraTeam v3.2 My Page dashboard and Project Home Dashboard. My Page lets individual users see all their assigned items and the Project Home lets the project managers and test managers see the status and health of the entire project.

SpiraTeam v3.2 - Document Management

This video outlines the document management features of SpiraTeam. It describes how to upload files, links and screenshots into SpiraTeam, how to link them to requirements, test cases, tasks, incidents, and how to manage different document versions.

SpiraTeam v3.2 - Requirements Management

This video describes how to manage requirements using SpiraTeam from Inflectra. It demonstrates how to add and edit requirements, how to link to test cases, how to add development tasks, how to add file attachments and how to associate with other items in the system.

SpiraTeam v3.2 - Release Planning

This video demonstrates how to manage releases and iterations (sprints) inside SpiraTeam. It includes sections on viewing the user stories (requirements) assigned to a release, viewing the defects detected and fixed in the release and how to view the test results and automated builds associated with a specific release.