Whitepaper Archive

Here are some older whitepapers, best practices and sample documents that we have kept in our archive:

Whitepaper - Testing Lifecycle: Don't be a fool, use a proper tool!

The accompanying whitepaper for the presentation, given by our partner Ness Technologies at Testwarez 2009 in Krakow, Poland on how adopting testing tools and improving testing processes benefitted customers and improved Return on Investment (ROI) during existing project lifecycles. Includes information on how to use a test management system such as SpiraTest in conjunction with other automated testing tools such as Selenium.

Sample Document - This is a sample test plan created by one of our customers

One of our customers prepared this document to outline how SpiraTest/Team will be used in their environment to manage their testing activities during a major infrastructure relocation project. The document outlines the different testing activities and objectives that will be carried out and how they will be managed in SpiraTest/Team.