Development Resources

We've created a lots of different tools and resources to help developers integrate with and extend our products. See what you can build by exploring our APIs and frameworks, or the tools we've made using them.


Our products have extensive APIs that let you quickly create powerful integrations. With SpiraTeam's API you can, for example, create a custom dashboard that integrates with your company intranet; or post new bugs from anywhere you can use either REST or SOAP.

Our earliest API framework is a decade old, but it still works side by side with our latest API version; from the same application. We are committed to providing a stable, fully backwards compatible API system to our customers.

SpiraTeam API Docs KronoDesk API Docs

SpiraTeam SDK

If you'd like to write your own add-on, you can use our SDK. This provides detailed example projects for developing add-ons for SpiraTeam, using our APIs.

GitHub Projects

We use our public APIs to create many of our own plugins. We are slowly putting these and other projects on Github so customers can fork them to adapt as they need.

Other Tools

If you are using our automated testing tools Rapise or Remote Launch, you can use their included tools to extend them to work with different applications or processes. You can also integrate your unit testing frameworks and build tools directly into SpiraTeam.