Product Comparison

If you're not sure which of our Spira products is the right one for your environment, don't worry! The following product comparison illustrates the features provided by SpiraTest®, SpiraTeam® and SpiraPlan® so that you can see which one is best for you:

Product SpiraTest® SpiraTeam® SpiraPlan®
Description Requirements, Test & Defect Management Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Enterprise Agile Program Management
Price for 3-concurrent users $120.99 / month $158.99 / month $201.99 / month
Product Features
Requirements Management
Document Management
Defect/Bug Tracking
Test Case Management
Test Set/Suite Management
Content Editing and Diagram Creation
Requirements Mind Map & Document Views
Project Estimation & Management
Release/Iteration Planning
Task Management
Scrum/Kanban Planning Board
Source Code Traceability
Instant Messenger (IM)
Baseline Support
Program Management
Risk Management
Portfolio Management
Integration Options:
Unit Testing Tools
Automated Functional Testing Tools
External Defect Trackers
Requirements Mgt Tools
Continuous Integration Build Servers
Version Control Tools
OData Reporting API
Security & Enterprise Features
Single-Sign On (SSO) using OAuth or LDAP
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
System Requirements (on-premise only)
Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019
IIS 8.0 or newer
SQL Server 2012 or later
Customer Support
Unlimited Email Support
Unlimited Phone Support
Free upgrades/support for 1-year