SpiraTeam 5.3 Released, Provides Exploratory & Data-Driven Testing and Productivity Improvements

17-Oct-2017 by Inflectra Product News

Inflectra® is pleased to announce the release of SpiraTeam 5.3, the latest version of its award-winning application lifecycle management (ALM) suite. This new version includes the latest SpiraTest 5.3 for quality assurance and test management as well as the latest SpiraPlan 5.3 for agile software development.

What's New in SpiraTeam 5.3?

  • Session Management
    • Database-backed session management- [RQ:1791]
  • Reporting
    • Incident Cumulative Count by Status- [RQ:2143]
    • Charts using jqplot are improved by replacing them with c3/d3- [RQ:2100]
    • Test Case Progress Graphs- [RQ:2144]
    • Reporting page charts have popovers in place to give quick help information- [RQ:2158]
    • Project/Program home page charts have popovers in place to give quick help information- [RQ:2157]
  • Test Configurations
    • Test Configuration Management- [RQ:1868]
  • UI Updates
    • All details pages have unified top title area, including workflow operations- [RQ:2091]
    • live reloading: test case details page- [RQ:2092]
    • live reloading: test set details page- [RQ:2093]
    • live reloading: test step details page- [RQ:2094]
    • live reloading: test run details page- [RQ:2095]
    • live reloading: requirement details page- [RQ:2097]
    • live reloading: release details page- [RQ:2098]
    • All details pages restyled with new "unity" design- [RQ:2106]
  • Exploratory Testing
    • Executing a single test case of type "exploratory" launches exploratory execution page- [RQ:2111]
    • Dedicated exploratory test execution page- [RQ:2114]

Enhanced Support for FDA Processes- [RQ:2149]

For a complete list of all the new features and issues resolved, please refer to the product release notes.

About SpiraTeam

SpiraTeam comprises SpiraTest for test management and SpiraPlan for project management, in one easy to use, fully integrated application lifecycle management (ALM) platform. Over 5,000 customers around the world use SpiraTeam to manage their software development and testing lifecycles every day.

About Inflectra

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