Inflectra Expands Cloud Hosting to Canada

23-Jul-2019 by Inflectra Company News

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to host our powerful suite of cloud hosted project management, testing, help desk, and application lifecycle management (ALM) tools in a new Montreal datacenter, in addition to our existing USA, Europe, and Australia options.

Hosting in Montreal, Quebec

With our global footprint and desire to better service customers around the world, we offer SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, SpiraTest, and KronoDesk cloud-hosted in a variety of different geographies - USA, Europe, and Australia. We offer these different choices so that customers can choose the location that provides the best performance and legal compliance for them. For example, our existing USA based hosting offers excellent performance when accessed from Canada, but there are some other considerations when it comes to data privacy and location.

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in Canada, protects consumer data across the country (in addition, Canadian provinces have additional regulations that sectors must follow). PIPEDA holds private organizations accountable for protecting information during transit and outsourcing.

Federal government institutions are subject to the country’s Privacy Act, which outlines how personal information is stored and collected. At present, there is a proposal that would prohibit classified data from leaving the country.

Alberta and Quebec restrict the transfer of public sector personal data outside of the nation. British Columbia and Nova Scotia prohibit government institutions, Crown agents, and their service providers from moving personal data outside Canada, with limited exceptions.

Ontario prohibits the disclosure of health-related information without the individual’s expressed consent in PHIPA, the Personal Health Information Protection Act.

Depending on where your company is located and what type of business you operate, you may be unable to transfer data outside of Canada

Since Inflectra has customers located in various different provinces in Canada, and we have key features in our products for regulated industries such as Healthcare and Life Sciences, it made sense for us to offer hosting in Canada to simply compliance for new and potential customers. Furthermore, we do not differentiate the pricing for our hosting options, so you can choose any region and still pay the same monthly (or annual) fee.

For Further Information

If you are an existing Canadian customer, looking to have your instances moved to one of the new hosting facilities, please contact our sales team. Similarly, if you currently manage our products on-premise and want to switch, just let us know.

For more information on our Cloud Services, please refer to the Cloud Services section on our website.