Inflectra Launches Spira Implementation Services To Streamline The Platform Adoption

20-Jul-2020 by Inflectra Company News

As more and more customers are adopting and implementing our Spira platform (SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, plus our additional tools and services such as Rapise, KronoDesk, and TaraVault), we are announcing the general availability of new Inflectra Implementation Services. Our new Implementation Services will speed up the adoption of Spira and reduce the burden in migrating existing data and customizing reports to meet the needs of business users and stakeholders.

Inflectra Services Overview

As we have worked with organizations looking to start using Spira and Inflectra products in their organizations, we have seen that there is a consistent need for the following assistance:

  • Custom report writing

  • Consulting to setup templates/workflows

  • Data migration assistance

As you know, every Inflectra product comes with our legendary technical support, which offers unlimited email, phone, help desk, forums, and knowledge base support. However, sometimes customers need more hands-on assistance than our support team can provide, but not large enough for one of our certified implementation partners. For example, our support team can assist you in migrating your data from a spreadsheet to SpiraTest, whereas our new implementation services would provide you with a person who would be dedicated to doing that migration for you!

The following sections, outline the types of assistance we can offer, in each of the three categories.

Custom Report Writing

Ever since we released the custom reporting and custom graphing features to Spira, users have been excited about the range of reports, graphs, and charts they can create. We frequently publish sample reports in our knowledge base and forums:

The custom reporting functionality lets you create tailored documents in Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, and Raw XML formats as well as create beautiful bar charts, donut charts, and line graphs that you can team can embed on their reporting dashboards.

However, some customers have asked us if we could create custom reports for them as part of their support. Much as we'd like to help, our support team is not structured and staffed in the way that allows them to provide such consulting and report creation. A large part of the effort in creating a custom report is understanding the customers' needs and mapping it to the data available in Spira. In many ways, the easiest part is usually the final creation of the report inside Spira.

Today, we are now pleased to announce that we are now able to provide custom report services by dedicated personnel (separate from our support organization). So if you're interested in having us create some custom reports for you, we can now help. Of course, for large projects, you can work with our implementation partners.

Consulting to Setup Templates/Workflows

Another common need from prospective customers that are just embarking on their journey with Spira is the need to configure the product templates, fields, and workflows to match their organization's standards and processes:

Most of our smaller customers will usually use our self-help training resources, using the intuitive user interface to add workflow steps, add/remove transitions, configure the fields in each workflow step, design the approvals, and add any necessary custom properties. For larger customers or those looking for a more accelerated implementation, we offer dedicated consultants who can consult with you to learn about your needs and design the appropriate workflows and product templates in the system.

Data Migration Assistance

Finally, the other large task that confronts customers will be the task of migrating data into Spira from their legacy systems (if they are lucky) or from a plethora of documents and spreadsheets (sadly very common). Spira comes with a wide variety of easy to use migration tools for document formats such as Excel, Word, Project and Google Sheets, as well as other tools such as Micro Focus ALM, TestRail, TestLink, TestDirector, Microsoft Test Manager, IBM DOORS, etc. So normally the migration is straightforward and can be performed entirely in-house:

When you have a large number of documents to be migrated, or their format needs some conversion before they can be used in our migration template, our dedicated implementation services professionals can take on this burden from you and your team.

Our implementation personnel will not only assist in doing the actual migration into Spira, but will also consult ahead of time to understand the data you are working with. This means they can offer suggestions and improvements to the data so that you can maximize the functionality in Spira and improve your processes rather than just blindly migrating your data and not being able to take advantage of the best practices 'baked' into Spira.

How do I Learn More?

If you are interested in learning more about our Spira implementation services, please contact our sales team at your convenience.