New Partnership Structure Is Coming To Inflectra

19-Aug-2021 by Inflectra Company News

Here at Inflectra, we’ve been taking some time to evaluate our partner relationships and do some deep thinking about how we can best support them. When the company first started, our goal was to partner with as many consulting and product companies as possible to grow brand awareness. Being a global company, that’s a lot of ground to cover! Over time we’ve entered into hundreds of partnerships – some strong and long-lasting, and some less so. 

As our partner ecosystem has continued to grow, we have recognized a need for a stronger and more supportive infrastructure that allows us to build upon and invest in our partnerships. After months of strategy and brainstorming sessions, drafts and revisions, we’ve developed a new structure that focuses on key aspects of collaboration, success, and respect. We believe that this redeveloped Partner Program will highlight each partner’s capabilities and areas of expertise as well as the geographic and thematic diversity in our partner ecosystem. This structure is intended to provide resources, support, and above all, unparalleled incentives. 

Without further ado, let us proceed with the unveiling.

Our new Partner Program recognizes three distinct categories of partners and outlines the benefits and qualifications of each partner type: 

  • Solution Partners

  • Training & Implementation Partners

  • Technology Partners


Solution Partners

These partners are Inflectra affiliates, resellers, advisors, consultants, and trainers who provide and implement customer solutions with Inflectra products. Anyone can participate in Inflectra’s new partner program as a Solutions Partner. Solution Partners can choose the level of engagement at which they wish to participate. This participation offers many benefits that are described below:


Solution Partner Benefits:

This partnership type also implies a certain commitment to Inflectra from Solution Partners. By investing in developing their capabilities and gaining Inflectra certifications, Solution Partners will ultimately be able to offer potential customers the highest quality of service. With this in mind, we have outlined a set of general qualifications that will make a Solution Partner successful at various levels of engagement with Inflectra: 


Solution Partners Qualifications: 

Training & Implementation Partners

The second type of partnership is Training and Implementation Partners (TIP). These partners have extensive knowledge about the Inflectra suite of software and have forged a strong relationship with our company. They are trusted partners with proven capabilities to assist customers with more advanced technical solutions. Training and Implementation Partners support clients by offering presales consulting, implementation and installation services, and/or product training. They also remain in close and frequent contact with us to stay informed about the latest software releases, company updates, and offerings.


Technology Partners

Technology Partners work collaboratively with Inflectra to integrate and deliver joint solutions to shared customers. These partners optimize Inflectra solutions with plug-ins, adapters, connectors, and technical services. 


Technology Partner Benefits:


Other Features 

In addition to the new Partner Program structure, we are introducing tools that will provide easily accessible information and resources, cater to each individual partner, and produce an overall seamless experience. 


Partner Badges

Inflectra offers its partners a system of Badges to reward the accomplishments and recognize areas of expertise of each partner. This system will also allow Inflectra's customers to find the most appropriate partner by searching the website for partners with badges that best suit customers’ needs. Some of our badges include:

Partner Portal

Inflectra maintains a robust partner communication, deal management, and technical support system through its Partner Portal.  A new and improved Inflectra Partner Portal is underway and will allow partners to complete onboarding processes, find educational and sales enablement resources, and consolidate and organize information. It will also include a quote generator and will enable partners to create trials for their users. 


Want to know more? 

To learn more about the new Inflectra Partner Program, visit our Partner page. There, you will find a general overview of the program and our Partner Guide, which offers detailed information about becoming a partner as well as questions our current partners may have. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact!


As always, we welcome any feedback regarding this structure and how we can best help you and your company. 


Next Steps

Inflectra will be rolling out this structure over the next few months. Please stay tuned for information regarding the positioning of your company within the structure as well as new certifications in Spira Academy. In the meantime, feel free to visit our Partner page for a general overview of the program and our Partner Guide, which offers detailed information about becoming a partner as well as questions our current partners may have. 

As always, we welcome your feedback regarding this structure, how we can best help you and your company, and ideas you have for working together closely. 


New Partnership Structure will be the centerpiece of our Q3 Partner Summit to be announced soon! Stay tuned.