New Product Documentation Sites for Spira and KronoDesk

5-Aug-2019 by Inflectra Product News

As part of our continual effort to make using our products easier and more enjoyable, we are always looking at ways to improve the user experience and make it easier to find information and get help. We are pleased to announce the release of our new documentation system for SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, and KronoDesk that radically improves the ease of getting help and finding information.

Feedback from Rapise Users

When we released Rapise 6.0 back in March of this year, we introduce a completely new documentation system that replaced the older PDF files and web help viewer with a completely new modern online documentation platform based on GitHub and MarkDown:

At the time we mentioned, that if the new system was popular, then we'd be extending it to our other products. Well the good news is that we had lots of positive customer feedback on new documentation system, so we have extended it to our other products: SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, TaraVault, RemoteLaunch, and KronoDesk.

Spira Documentation Site

The new Spira documentation site can be found at and includes all of the formerly separate Spira documentation in a single, integrated portal:

It includes the Quick Start Guides used by new users that want to learn how to use the system for the first time, the user manual that describes every feature available to end users, and the administration guide that is designed help people installer and administer thee system.

In addition, we have consolidated all of the manuals for the add-on products such as TaraVault, RemoteLaunch, and SpiraCapture, and the integration guides for each of the plugins and integrations with other products and platforms. This makes it much easier to quickly navigate to a specific plugin (for example, using SpiraTest with Atlassian Jira or Microsoft Azure DevOps) rather than having to download the entire integration guide.


Krono Documentation Site

Similarly, for KronoDesk, we have a new documentation portal that contains the Quick Start Guide for new users, the User Manual that is the reference guide for using the system, and the Administration Guide that explains how to install and configure the system.

There is also a separate section that contains the manuals for using the extensions and plugins for KronoDesk, including the email integration and Microsoft Excel migration tools.