Rapise 3.1 Released - Makes Web Testing Easy with Interactive DOM Browser and Query Tools

8-Jul-2015 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of Rapise 3.1, the most comprehensive and powerful automated testing suite on the market. This new version includes a powerful Web Spy for inspecting web pages and viewing the underlying DOM tree. It includes tools for testing dynamic XPATH and CSS queries and using the results to make web testing robust and easy to use by all testers.

New Features

  • Web browser DOM Spy that lets you inspect web applications, browse the DOM Tree and Learn objects
  • Interactive tool for easier building of dynamic XPATH and CSS selectors and adding matches objects to Object Tree


  • When use opens a test, open one of its files in the main window.-[IN:2808]
  • Ability to query HTML DOM using CSS Selectors as well as XPATH-[IN:2975]
  • Improve merging capabilities for recorded HTML objects-[IN:3014]
  • Make it easier to check whether an object is on the screen, for testing web applications-[IN:3038]
  • Option to disable recorded comments and keep indenting-[IN:3109]
  • Tie in Manual Functionality to Spira Dashboard-[IN:3145]
  • Rapise application icon needs to be adopted to high DPI-[IN:3154]
  • Make Rapise check for both Firefox and Firefox ESR registry keys-[IN:3177]

Resolved Issues

  • RapiseLauncher should use temporary repository folder for execution-[IN:1845]
  • Rapise Launcher: minimize the cscript command window-[IN:3009]
  • Execution Monitor may stay alive when Test is finished abnormally (crash, kill)-[IN:3067]
  • Object Manager does not work if destination has no objects-[IN:3170]
  • Improve user feedback when trying to create SpiraTeam Tests from Rapise but without correct permission-[IN:3174]
  • Need to handle long filenames when using Rapise with Spira-[IN:3178]
  • Create New Test vanishes list of files currently open in editor for current test-[IN:3180]
  • Rapise not able to connect to Firefox-[IN:3212]
  • Rapise Throws Error using Mobile Spy on iOS in Recording Mode-[IN:3216]
  • When a new test is created and opened, the files for the currently-open test remain open.-[IN:3226]