SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan v5.4.0.2 Now Available for Download

20-Apr-2018 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the latest update for SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, and SpiraPlan. The v5.4.0.2 update provides many bug-fixes and several new productivity enhancements which will further streamline the products and improve user satisfaction. The new version is available for download today; it will be deployed to our cloud customers on Saturday, April 28th.

Faster Way to Create New Items

Based on extensive feedback from our customers (and also learned the hard way ourselves during our recent Social Testing Hackathon), we realized that there was not an easy way to create new requirements, test cases, tasks, or defects when you are already on an item. You had to make a change and use the 'Save and New' feature.

We have now added a new "New" button on all our artifact pages that makes this much easier. In addition, we have moved the Clone button underneath the 'New' option, as many users were accidentally cloning items by mistake.

Release Notes

  • Moving iteration should update test coverage but it does not.- [IN:4463]
  • Update or refresh cache when workflow settings are changed- [IN:4543]
  • Edit test case folders: it allows you to set a folder's parent to its own child. Should prohibit this.- [IN:4545]
  • Permission required to be able to clone incident- [IN:4551]
  • Clone test case: Component field is populated incorrectly- [IN:4564]
  • Permission problems with Test Configuration detail page- [IN:4566]
  • Summary graphs do not handle custom fields correctly- [IN:4577]
  • SpiraTeam Missing populate localization text in Test Configuration Details- [IN:4603]
  • Excel 2003 reports show blank effort as zeros and incorrectly show effort as percentages- [IN:2797]
  • Executing test cases from the test set detail page: system returns to main test set list; should go back to test set detail- [IN:2844]
  • Activity List page (new in filter on Artifact Type does not work, except for Project Owner- [IN:3181]
  • Task start and end date get changed when other data on task is updated- [IN:3472]
  • Release list isn't refreshed when pasting: Copy/Pasted Releases seem to be hidden- [IN:3608]
  • Test Set update problem when remove all test cases- [IN:3631]
  • Requirement details, associations tab: filter functionality ignores links with type "source code" - [IN:3771]
  • Resource List Allocation Filter not returning correct results- [IN:3824]
  • If requirement has tasks, marking it as "Obsolete" not possible, when Use Task Status setting is on.- [IN:4006]
  • When dragging multiple items, they don't stay in the original order- [IN:4150]
  • Filter with 'Execution Status' set causes 'New Test Case' to be populated.- [IN:4205]
  • Task Start Date canot be set to same as Release Start Date- [IN:4256]
  • For limited view user, asterisks on tabs are missing- [IN:4307]
  • Exploratory testing: associated incidents are not shown during test execution- [IN:4461]
  • Exploratory test containing a link to another test case: upon saving, the link is removed.- [IN:4466]
  • Clicking 'Save & New' button after error does not load 'New'.- [IN:4562]
  • Release list: outdent iteration does not update test coverage for the former parent release- [IN:4565]
  • Test Execution "Link Existing Incident": can choose incident in another project- [IN:4575]
  • Task detail page: if start/end dates are blank, they get filled in with the current date/time- [IN:4583]
  • Test Step Insert Parameter at Cursor not working in IE11 or Edge- [IN:3729]
  • Resource Detail not displaying Test Sets by Release- [IN:3829]
  • Executing test set from test case context menu doesn't return to test set details page- [IN:3848]
  • Test Set list: folder creation date is wrong if a release is selected- [IN:4166]
  • Creating a Release while filtering on Version gives error message- [IN:4303]
  • Reports: Extra zeroes are displayed in history records- [IN:4556]