Rapise - Learn through Object Selection

September 17th, 2014 by inflectra

Rapise has several methods for learning the objects within the application under test. While still easy to learn, this method does not automatically develop a runnable test that will deliver any meaningful results. Herein we will discuss the learning methodology and provide a flow to follow, however we will not have a runnable test in the end as no input or click-stream data will be captured.

As with most things in life, none of the learning methods are all inclusive. An actual test will, most likely, be made up of various methodologies to meet the specification of the test case. We are presenting this as a learning case which is one of the building blocks of developing a robust and reusable automation test case.

In Rapise, there are several technologies which allow you to learn different types of objects. These technologies are both customizable and replaceable through the use of JavaScript to create new libraries. Objects can be learned with Active accessibility, DOM, XPath, etc… when initiating the process of learning objects Rapise will make an attempt at selecting the best fitting learn method for the application under test.

To learn through selection, follow these steps…

  1. Launch your application under test (i.e. Windows calculator)
  2. Launch Rapise
  3. Click the Record/Learn button on the top bar
  4. Select Calculator from the “Select Application to Record…” window
  5. Click “Select” button in the “Select Application to Record” window
  6. Then there are two paths you could follow:
    1. Click the “Learn” button on the Recording Activity window
    2. Click the object to learn
    3. You will see the object added to the Recording Activity window with the Object listed as Learn
    4. Repeat for each object clicking learn and then the object
  7. OR
    1. Hover over the object to be learned and use the keystroke Ctrl+2
    2. You will see the object added to the Recording Activity window with the Object listed as Learn
    3. Repeat for next object
    4. Less steps, and easier but you need to remember to use the keystroke.
  8. Once all necessary objects are learned, click the Finish button in the Recording Activity window
  9. You will be presented with a blank test in the Rapise main window, no actions captured
  10. Click on the Object Tree tab at the bottom of the top left sub window in Rapise
  11. You should see the name of your application in the Object tree on the left
  12. Expand the tree for your application by clicking on the “plus” expansion button
  13. You should now see your objects in the tree view

This is how you learn objects without defining actions directly through recording. This test, as it sits, is not useful as it does nothing. There are no actions defined for the objects learned. In another blog entry we will discuss what you can do with these objects through drag and drop as well as through light JavaScript.

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