Spotlight on KronoDesk 2.1: Support for Organizations and Digital Signatures

July 24th, 2017 by inflectra

We are busy bees this summer, and we will be releasing the next version of our KronoDesk help desk system (v2.1) in the next month. In this article we describe the two main new features in KronoDesk 2.1 and what you can expect from the new version.

Support for Organizations

The new version of KronoDesk includes support for managing companies and organizations:

This lets you have a organization account with different support users all submitting tickets of their own, yet allowing their manager to have a view of all the open support tickets for their group. Each organization has a set of fields for storing the overall company/client information:


You can also have private information about each company stored in KronoDesk to provide helpful information for the support team that you may not wish to share with the company itself.


In addition, each organization will have different end user accounts associated with it so that you can have users with different roles submitting tickets. Users of the manager role can reassign tickets between users (e.g. a user who submits a ticket goes on vacation, so his manager needs to assign it to someone else to continue the conversation with the support agent).


When the customer support agent sees a new help desk ticket, they can also see which company (if any) it belongs to, so that they can quickly and easily find all related tickets from the same or other users in the organization:

Support for Electronic Signatures

The other major feature is the ability to require digital / electronic signatures when a support ticket changes between specific statuses. For example, in some organizations every ticket needs to be signed by the end user before it can be considered fully closed:

When you choose one the operations that requires a signature, it will display a dialog box for the user to enter their signature:

When a signed change is made, the meaning and the change record is cryptographically hashed in the database to prevent tampering with the data:

Register for a Webinar on Kronodesk 2.1

If you would like to learn more about using KronoDesk and/or are interested in the upcoming features, please register for our Webinar this week:


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