Inflectra Gives Back - Meet-Up Sponsorship in DC/MD/VA

January 30th, 2018 by inflectra

Revised on Nov 16, 2018

The sponsorship offer is now extended to all meet-ups in the USA.


Since 2017, Inflectra has significantly stepped up its community engagement efforts, which come under the umbrella of Inflectra Gives Back. This on-going campaign is designed to nurture and support the community of software testers, developers and project leads operating the agile software testing, test automation, and project management space in the metropolitan DC area.

In 2017 alone, Inflectra hosted multiple tech meet-up events, launched its tech internship initiative, supported  other local meets-ups and sponsored larger, national software testing and agile events (STP Con, Agile Open Florida).

To support our software testing enthusiasts, we now offer a monthly sponsorship to our area meet-ups. The details are below:

Inflectra Monthly Meetup/Event Package

  • $200 budget for food and drinks
  • Inflectra promo materials for attendees
  • Promo code for 15% off Inflectra software tools

Event Requirements

  • Must be an established Meetup group with a publicly accessible event page in the USA
  • Must be a software testing, agile, test automation or project management focused event
  • Must have 20+ attendees or 70+ group members
  • Must allow 5-10-minute sponsor presentation

As a special favor, please consider spread the word about Inflectra by tweeting at @inflectra and/or by sharing event photos on Inflectra's facebook page.


How To Request Event Sponsorship 

To submit your event, please send the following info to 

Organizer Name


Organizer Email


Event Name


Brief Description of the Event


Event Date / Time


Event Location (if known)


Expected # of Attendees


Any other relevant information (speakers, co-sponsors, etc)


Good luck!


Other Initiatives Under Inflectra Gives Back

Inflectra is supporting other events happening in and around software testing and agile development. These only list a few sponsorship events planned for the beginning of 2018. 

  1. Social Testing - Washington, DC
  2. STPCon - Newport Beach, CA
  3. ISTC & DevGeekWeek - Israel
  4. Agile Testing Days USA - Boston, MA

The full description is available here: Face-to-Face with Inflectra - Find Us Where Software Testing Happens


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