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Face-to-Face with Inflectra - Find Us Where Software Testing Happens

January 31st, 2018 by inflectra

Over the years, we at Inflectra, developed a taste for all the fun that takes place at software testing and agile software development events. We have also become active members of national and international tester communities. We love to share our knowledge as software engineers and learn from your experience as testers, developers and managers. 

So, the new year brings new opportunities for Inflectra to get up close and personal with software testing peeps out there. 

Apart from continuing with our now-traditional weekly webinars (a good way to meet new people), we have made plans to meet software testing superheros and agile gurus during the following events in the first half of 2018:

  1. Social Testing - Washington, DC
  2. STPCon - Newport Beach, CA
  3. ISTC & DevGeekWeek - Israel
  4. Agile Testing Days USA - Boston, MA

So if you are planning on attending one of these events, stop by to say hi!

Social Testing – Washington, DC - March 2018

Inflectra's Social Testing is a friendly tester competition that will bring together software testers from DC/MD/VA to test an app or a website for about two hours. The aim is to find reproducible bugs in the app/website and report them. Three testers with highest scores will receive prizes, while everyone else gets drinks and hors d'oeuvres. 


Stay tuned - details are coming soon!

STPCon - Newport Beach, CA - April 11-12

Software Test Professionals Conference & EXPO is testing industry’s leading bi-annual event. Spring conference in Newport Beach, CA will feature a speech by Adam Sandman, technical director at Inflectra, who will focus on Using REST and UI Testing to Test Ajax Web Application. Another Inflectra event to look for is a Demo: Ultimate Requirements & Test Management with SpiraTest on April 12, 2018.


ISTC & DevGeekWeek - Israel - June 17-21

Just like in 2017, we are supporting DevGeekWeek 2018 and the 2nd Israel Software Testing Cup (ISTC). The second year in a row our software testing platform - SpiraTest was chosen as the underlying testing tool to run ISTC – a two-tiered software tester competition.

Inflectra's software engineers will also be speaking at DevGeekWeek 2018 and provide insights into exploratory testing and test automation to the local testing community.


Agile Testing Days USA - Boston, MA - June 25-29

#AgileTDUSA 2018 is North America's biggest agile testing event. The event offers cutting edge workshops and brings together inspiring speakers and practitioners. Lucky for us, the world class software solutions - such as Inflectra's ALM suite - SpiraTeam and project tracking software -  SpiraPlan will make appearance at the expo as well. 

Other Opportunities:

Last but not least, we are always looking for more (and new) opportunities to support and share with software testers and agile software enthusiasts near and far.

Apart from our on-gong series of free weekly webinars, we've recently launched a sponsorship campaign, which gives modest financial assistance to local meet-ups. Only thing is, the meetups must bring together software testers, test automation geeks, software project managers and agilists of Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. Check out our sponsorship offer here: Inflectra Gives Back - Meet-Up Sponsorship in DC/MD/VA.


And please let us know if you have questions! 


Happy Testing! 



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