AG Grid Support in Rapise 7.4

October 27th, 2022 by inflectra

One of the major new features in Rapise 7.4 is the support for the popular AG Grid. Born out of frustration with existing solutions, the AG Grid evolved from a side project to becoming the leading JavaScript datagrid on the market. It supports all the major JavaScript frameworks, including React, Angular, Vue and Plain JavaScript. Due to its complexity, the grid is often painful to test with hard-written Selenium automation code, but  the new support for AG Grid makes it simple to test using Rapise. Learn More!

What is the AG Grid?

The AG Grid, is one of the most used grids in modern Web Applications. It can be placed both inside Light DOM and Shadow DOM (e.g. in applications using Polymer).

AG Grid

Rapise Support for AG Grid

Rapise 7.4 introduces the DOM AgGrid library that adds support for the AG Grid. If you have such a grid in your application just enable the library for your test.

Rapise library selector

You simply choose the libraries you need for recording and playback from the Libraries menu option:

Rapise library selector - AG Grid

Once the library is enabled, Rapise will be able to record your interactions with the AG Grid.

Recording AG Grid Actions

The recorded Grid object is added to the object repository and you can use all its actions and properties in your test.

AG Grid Objects in Tree

A detailed API reference is available here.


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