Rapise v7.4 Released - Support for Web Components, AgGrid, Mixed-Mode and 64-Bit Apps

19-Oct-2022 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our award winning automated software testing solution - Rapise. The new version (7.4) provides mixed-mode recording (Web, Managed, UIAutomation, Java), easier test set scheduling with Spira, support for the popular AgGrid web component, support for .NET Managed 64-bit desktop applications, and finally (long awaited), support for Java 64-bit desktop applications.



New Object API


  • Ability to instrument Liberica JDK for Java testing [IN:6866]
  • When a Test Case is created from Dashboard it should have one manual step [IN:7000]

    This step can be used to link an incident.

  • When link Web/Mobile test to Spira - create g_browserLibrary/g_mobileProfile param for Test Case [IN:7023]

  • Ability to add all Test Cases from a folder when adding test cases to a test set [IN:7057]

    expand a folder, right click and use popup menu Select Child Test Cases.

  • Use Rapise Tests folder in Spira Documents for saving tests [IN:7124]

    It does not impact already saved tests, but new tests will be saved into Root\Rapise Tests folder in Spira Documents.

  • SpiraDashboard: New Folder for Test Cases and Test Sets views [IN:7128]

    Both Test Cases and Test Sets views in Spira Dashboard now have New Folder button.

  • SpiraDashboard: Test Cases view: rename Folder or Test Case [IN:7129]

    Select a folder or a test case, expand menu in Actions column and choose Rename….

  • Click on last.trp in Test Run details in Spira Dashboard should open the report in Rapise [IN:7170]

  • Upgrade JS parser to support ES2015 [IN:7325]
  • Spira Dashboard: Test Sets view: rename Test Set or Test Set Folder [IN:7326]

    Select a folder or a test set, expand menu in Actions column and choose Rename….

  • Spira Dashboard: Test Run details - open screenshot links in Rapise image viewer [IN:7334]

  • Synchronize parameters of Test Case and Rapise Test when saving to Spira [IN:7352]
  • Auto set project in Spira Dashboard based on opened test [IN:7356]
  • Propagate common parameters of the parent test to CSV editor in Spira Dashboard [IN:7360]
  •  Optimize performance of Get Snapshot in WebSpy [IN:7369]
  • Make callback hooks for SeSHandleObjectNotFound and TestLocatorHook [IN:7416]
  • Call SeSOnTestPrepare in Recorder [IN:7426]
  •  Make WebDriverSession.json global to reuse browser session across tests [IN:7431]
  •  Speed up Managed locator creation [IN:7439]
  •  Optimize Spira Dashboard performance [IN:7444]
  • Add Tools/Remove All Breakpoints [IN:7450]
  • Spira Dashboard: In Framework View add Unlink from Test Case option [IN:7463]
  • Spira Dashboard: stability of loading Test Case and Test Set views and expanding/collapsing detail views [IN:7464]
  • Reorganize Rapise Library Chooser (Tools > Libraries) [IN:7466]
  • Add SeSRunNodeCommand, SeSRunNode, SeSRunNpm, SeSRunNpx [IN:7476]
  • Add support for the Web Component Slot element (WebSpy, XPath generator) [IN:7479]
  • Add a reference to the Floating License option to the Install popup window asking for activation code [IN:7493]
  • Improve recording of Combo Boxes on Web pages [IN:7500]
  • Change navigation concept in Spira Dashboard - ID links must expand/collapse [IN:7502]
  • WebSpy must show tested locators in the property grid [IN:7518]
  • Edit/View XPath/Location in ActionEditor of Recording Activity dialog [IN:7526]
  • Support for FSAL in OracleForms (standalone Java) [IN:7530]
  • Allow to explicitly choose Spy in Recording Activity dialog [IN:7539]
  • Automatically change test type when Web or Mobile library is added after test creation [IN:7540]
  • Do not show Engine in Dashboard view [IN:7547]
  • Progress Dialog for synchronizing files to/from Spira needs replacement [IN:7561]
  • Saving a sub-test to Spira before saving the Framework Root should save from the root [IN:7564]
  • Update DomSAP library to work on most recent SAP UI5 version [IN:7577]
  •  Remove Settings / Browser menu item [IN:7578]

    It was for legacy browsers and we should now better use next to profiles instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Rename for a test does not work [IN:6933]
  • Delete Test Case parameter that is used in a Test Set - no message [IN:7015]
  • Test Matrix hides info if selected parameter values are not unique [IN:7056]
  • Save to Spira hangs when saving to removed test case [IN:7333]
  • Playback via Selenium - SetText is slow [IN:7342]
  • Problem updating custom properties of a Test Set when GitPassword was never set [IN:7343]
  • Selenium Recorder - save session information immediately after opening a browser [IN:7347]
  • SpiraDashboard multiple refresh on Save to Spira [IN:7348]
  • Selenium Recorder stops working after switching to and then closing a Popup window [IN:7368]
  • OnBeforeUnload event is not handled in Selenium Recorder [IN:7370]
  • Navigator.LaunchBrowser is missing in Selenium library [IN:7375]
  • Navigator.Open should navigate when URL is non-empty [IN:7376]
  • Dash symbol in tags inside Shadow Root breaks XPath generators [IN:7377]
  • Global.SetClipboardText crash on date string in Nodejs [IN:7382]
  • Selenium Chrome silent crash on test playback or profile test when App Paths is missing in Registry [IN:7417]
  • WebSpy is slow when working with large pages [IN:7428]
  • Corrupted Dashboard.json breaks whole Spira Dashboard [IN:7430]
  • Java/OracleForms auto detection slows down recording of Java SWT applications [IN:7438]
  • REST editor refresh issue [IN:7441]
  • Show test properties when selecting root repository node in Test Objects [IN:7447]
  • Save test when test case was deleted in Spira - no error [IN:7454]
  • Navigator.Close must close browser even if there are opened alerts [IN:7498]
  • iFrame within Shadow DOM is shown as empty in WebSpy [IN:7503]
  • Do Try Action without debugger - it is crashing on g_executionMonitor [IN:7544]
  • Salesforce: ComboBox.DoSelectItem, ListBox.DoSelectItem not working [IN:7546]
  • Test clone does not update g_rvlScriptPath in UI and RVL button opens wrong file [IN:7548]
  • RVL: Variable name in Param line is not highlighted when inside Assert statement [IN:7551]
  • Navigator.SelectBrowserProfile - unable to switch from Edge to Firefox [IN:7552]
  • Not all INPUT types are recorded [IN:7553]
  • Activation Status dialog in Floating mode must show correct information [IN:7558]
  • Save to Spira dialog - 1st column is too narrow [IN:7562]
  • HTML markup in test report breaks styles in Spira Dashboard [IN:7565]
  • Spira Save/Load is slow when there are many document folders in Documents module [IN:7570]
  • DevExpress: Grid.DoFullText stopped working [IN:7585]

For more details, please check out the Rapise 7.4 Release Notes.

How Do I Get the New Version?

You can get the latest version right away by going to the secure Customer Area of our website.

If you have any questions about the new version, please contact support@inflectra.com.

About Rapise

Whether it’s the web, mobile, desktop applications, APIs (REST and SOAP), Rapise helps you test it all. Rapise doesn’t just test; it understands. It knows about a wealth of complex applications, including, for example, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Oracle Fusion, and SAP. And it will help you manage tests spanning multiple technologies at once. Rapise makes automated testing accessible to everyone. Using Rapise, anyone can create and change tests. Rapise records your actions, then lets you edit them in its easy-to-use visual keyword driven framework called RVL. Want to get into the code? Then dig into our JavaScript-based engine that’s a breeze to extend and integrates with open source standards such as Selenium and Appium.