Rapise 7.4 Spotlight: 64-Bit Support and Cross-Application Recording

October 26th, 2022 by inflectra

We just recently released the latest version of our Rapise test automation solution, Rapise 7.4. This version has two main, marquee new features - support for HTML web components and the popular AG Grid. In addition, this new version has three other very important test automation enhancements: support for 64-bit desktop applications (both Java and .NET), streamlined cross-application recording, and support for the testing of embedded UI apps.

Multiple Applications

It is becoming increasingly frequent for us to see requests to record tests involving several heterogeneous applications with Rapise.

For example, you have a CRM with a web interface and you need to use an invoice number from an accounting program written in Java.

Multiple application end to end testing
It was possible to create such tests before, but required a certain level of skill with the tool (using sub-tests, with a different test for each application).

Since Rapise 7.4 this process is now completely streamlined. You just need to choose all the libraries involved in the next recording via the new and improved library chooser:

Rapise library chooser
And then you may just click, type & learn the widgets of the selected applications.

Embedded UI Technologies

It is more and more common to have different GUI technologies embedded into each other. For example, Chromium is embedded in such well known apps as Skype, Teams, Evernote. So you run it as a desktop application while it has a web browser as a presentation engine.

Or it is common to have Windows Forms widgets being embedded into WPF applications and vice versa. For example, Rapise itself is a Windows Forms application that has Chromium embedded into the Dashboards, WPF used for REST editor that contains Windows Forms for POST editor:

So we have Windows Forms inside WPF inside Windows Forms, if it isn't true nesting then what is true nesting?

And Rapise now knows how to work with nested widgets like that. Improved automatic detection of the best connector for a particular widget makes recording of such applications much easier.

Java 64, Windows Forms 64, Mixed Mode

From now on it does not matter whether you run your Microsoft .NET or Java UI in 32 or 64 bit mode. You don’t need to worry about it and you can mix different “bitness” and different technologies in one recording session.

64-bit and 32-bit desktop apps

Rapise detects the best match from the list of the libraries enabled in the current test automatically.


rapise desktop applications embedded UI web testing

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