Inflectra in the News - November - December 2022 News Roundup

December 7th, 2022 by inflectra

The end of 2022 has been busy yet victorious for Inflectra. The business has achieved several key goals, including the launch of our new accelerators, the launch of Teams, Tracks, and Agile Planning Boards in Spira v7.3, and maintaining engagement with our users and followers through webinars and presentations hosted by our in-house talent. To wrap up 2022 on a positive note, we want to share some of the extra publications and events Inflectra has contributed towards.




If You’re a Bootstrapped Startup, Turn to User-Centered Design to Thrive During Adversity with TechCrunch - December 5, 2022

When it comes to user-centered design (UCD), the goal of each design process is the same: create an excellent product for your end-users. In normal economic times, the use (or lack) of UCD can significantly influence the success or failure of a project. In this more fiscally constrained environment, the stakes are even higher. Read more.

Invest in a solid marketing team, Follow your own path, and Enjoy the journey with IdeaMensch - December 21, 2022

IdeaMensch publishes handcrafted interviews with entrepreneurs, creators, and doers. In this written interview, Adam Sandman, Founder and CEO of Inflectra, discusses where the idea for Inflectra came from, what his typical day looks like, how he makes it productive, and how Inflectra brings ideas to life. Read More.

Accelerating Software Rollout Success with IT Briefcase - December 23, 2022

For companies dedicated to building great software and tools, statistics showing that almost a third of IT investments classify as failed or that organizations are losing billions of dollars annually because of botched software implementations are frightening. Software was supposed to eat the world: so why is it so hard to implement? Read more.


Talks and Presentations

Are You Scaling Agile or Just Failing Agile? Techwell's Agile + DevOps East conference - November 6-11, 2022

Inflectra is proud to have been a Gold sponsor for this year's hybrid Agile + DevOps East event in Orlando, Florida. The main takeaways include: understanding the limits of agile in larger contexts, ways to allow complex organizations to embrace agile without micromanagement and bureaucracy, and case studies of successful and failed attempts to scale agile. Read more.

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