Inflectra In The News - October 2022 Roundup

November 1st, 2022 by inflectra

October was a productive and thrilling time for Inflectra. The month started with some of our team members attending, sponsoring and speaking at STARWEST in Anaheim, California. Less than a couple weeks later, a couple of our US based leaders traveled to Australia to sponsor and attend the Testing Talks Conference as well as host an exclusive networking breakfast with our customers, partners, and their local tech and business leaders. Other accomplishments throughout the month include releasing Rapise v7.4, and hosting insightful webinars with fellow experts and business partners. In addition to a full month of participating in events and upgrading our products, Inflectra has had numerous articles released and appearances we want to share with our followers.



North American Software Testing Award, Finalist for Leading Vendor category - October 2022

The North American Software Testing Awards honor Inflectra for accomplishing significant achievements in the software testing and quality engineering market. Inflectra is a finalist for Leading Vendor. The North American Software Testing Awards honor companies, teams, and individuals who have accomplished significant achievements in the software testing and quality engineering market. Read more.


Talks and Presentations

Top Ten Tips for Tackling Test Automation: Partner webinar with Checkpoint Technologies - October 11, 2022

On October 11, 2022, Inflectra and Checkpoint Technologies co-hosted the webinar: Top Ten Tips for Tackling Test Automation. In this webinar, Adam Sandman (Inflectra) and Bob Crews (Checkpoint Technologies) explored the challenges surrounding test automation and offered tips to overcome them.  

If you missed the webinar, we have a full recap. Read more.



Tackling the Current Issues in Risk Management with IT Briefcase -  September 29, 2022

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, companies must adapt their risk management practices to account for new risks associated with technology, security, and operations. Inflectra builds software solutions that support companies in managing risks efficiently and effectively. Why should the issue of risk management be a constant key concern? Read more.

A Conclusive Rapise Automation Tool Tutorial with Codoid - October 18, 2022

Test automation is a crucial part of software testing as it enables the testers to automate repetitive tasks and use the saved-up time to unearth hard-to-find bugs with exploratory testing and other methods. This is what we, as a leading automation testing company, do to enhance overall quality. But achieving truly reliable automated testing that requires no supervision is no easy task and might even seem impossible to many. That is where tools such as Rapise come into the picture, as they simplify the process of automating your tests. So in this Rapise Automation Tool Tutorial, we will be sharing with you how you can use the tool to test your web and desktop applications. Read more.

Risk Management Is Key for the Food and Beverage Industry Amid Inflation with Food Engineering - October 28, 2022

The food and beverage space is arguably the industry most touched by consumers worldwide. From changes in consumer taste to diet trends and so much more, there’s no doubt that the food and beverage landscape is ever-changing, with consumers and health regulators being ever more discerning. This presents a unique challenge for industry professionals. Unlike some other industries, there’s zero tolerance for mistakes. Varying dietary restrictions, allergens, and rigid FDA guidelines are just a few reasons a robust risk management system is necessary to put consumer safety at the forefront. Read more.

The Risks of Trusting Machines to Check Themselves with AI Business - October 28, 2022

We are surrounded by risks every day, in every organization, and with every activity, we undertake. The field of risk management is a discipline devoted to identifying, quantifying, and managing risks so that we as humans can live safe, secure, and happy lives. Every time we fly in a plane, drive a car, swallow a pill or eat a salad, we are relying on the tireless work of risk managers to make that activity safe while keeping things cost-effective. Read more.


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