Spotlight on Spira 6.5.1 - Program & Portfolio Enhancements for DevOps

June 10th, 2020 by inflectra

As we get ready for the upcoming release of SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, and SpiraPlan, we'd like to introduce some of the new functionality that will be available in this release. This release builds on top of the new program and portfolio management views in v6.5 and adds some new features and reporting widgets.

New DevOps Build Widgets

We have added a new widget on the new Enterprise Dashboard that shows all the portfolios, programs and products that have active Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Deployment (CD) builds running:

This widget shows all the active releases / sprints under each product, together with the most recent recorded build (from Jenkins, Azure DevOps, etc.) grouped by product, program and portfolio. Previously this information was only available on the product and program-level dashboards.

In addition, we have added the same widget for the new Portfolio dashboard, showing the program, product and release level builds:

You can drill-down to the specific program, product, release, sprint, and/or build to get more information. The build also displays a handy tooltip that shows you the most recent information at a glance:

New Product Test Summary Widget

We have added a new testing summary widget to the Test view of the Program Dashboard:

This widget was inspired by meetings with several of our key customers. It displays the key testing and quality information for each product in a program:

  • The product name
  • Planned end date
  • The number of requirements
  • The test coverage
  • The number of test cases
  • The execution status
  • The number of open incidents
  • The proportion of incidents by priority.

Changes to Existing Program Widgets

In addition to the new widgets, we have implemented a major change in three of the existing program widgets:

  • Requiremenst Coverage
  • Test Summary
  • Task Progress

This change means that by default the system will count only the requirements, test cases, and tasks associated with the active releases and sprints in each product, instead of the whole product.

This change means that when you mark a Release or Sprint as Closed it will no longer be counted to the counts for that product. This makes the existing widgets consistent with the new requirements progress widgets we introduced in v6.5 and better reflects the true status of the different products in the program.

If you want to get back the old behavior, you can go to the widget settings and unselect the "Active Releases Only" setting:

This setting is "opt-out", meaning that all instances of Spira will default to the new methodology unless you explicitly change this setting on your dashboard.

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