Portfolio Management

SpiraPlan includes rich Project Portfolio Management (PPM) functionality that lets you analyze and collectively manage your projects and programs in a centralized place. SpiraPlan provides a platform for assessing the issue resolution and risk mitigation of your portfolios, as well giving you centralized visibility to help you plan and schedule you teams. SpiraPlan lets you identify the fastest, cheapest, and most suitable approach to deliver your projects and programs.


Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the centralized management of the processes, methods, and technologies used by project managers and project management offices (PMOs) to analyze and collectively manage current or proposed projects based on numerous key characteristics.

PPM provides program and project managers in large, program/project-driven organizations with the capabilities needed to manage the time, resources, skills, and budgets necessary to accomplish all interrelated tasks. It provides a framework for issue resolution and risk mitigation, as well as the centralized visibility to assist with planning and scheduling.

Project Portfolio Dashboards

Projects in SpiraPlan are organized into programs and those programs are then organized into portfolios.

This lets you see a system-wide view of all the portfolios in SpiraPlan, and manage their schedule and progress.

In addition, SpiraPlan lets you see the top open risks across all the current project portfolios and take mitigative or corrective action as is necessary.

SpiraPlan also has a dedicated dashboard for each of the project portfolios in the system that lets you see the requirements completion, schedule, progress and top open risks in each of the programs that comprise the portfolio.

Planning and Scheduling

The SpiraPlan project portfolio views include an integrated schedule widget. This lets you see the macro schedule for each portfolio, all its programs, products, projects, and releases in one easy to understand GANTT chart view.

Each bar in the chart graphically shows the % complete of the program, project, or release, and how it visually relates to the other parts of the schedule.

Risk Management

This is a key part of PPM, and SpiraPlan includes an integrated enterprise risk management capability. The risk management module lets you identity, analyze, treat, and monitor project and program risks with support for risks, mitigations, tasks and risk cubes.

Risks are a unique artifact within SpiraPlan (separate from issues or defects) that have their own types (business, technical, schedule, etc.), attributes and workflows.

Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software is a business solution for managing projects at scale. Project portfolio software makes it easier for you to understand the resources, timelines, and overall business goals at a higher-level scope. It helps coordinate current projects while simultaneously planning for future projects.

With its support for project-level custom properties, SpiraPlan enables you the means to assign timelines, goals, priorities, budgets, and other attributes to your projects so that you can manage them as a part of a program or portfolio.

For the list-based custom properties (both single-select and multi-select), you can map the custom property to a centralized list of system-wide custom lists. This lets you reuse the same list of values for multiple custom properties, as well as allowing you to use the same list for programs, portfolios, and users.

The project portfolio view lets you see all of the products/projects together with their key configuration settings and any defined custom properties. In the example below, we're displaying the list of products, including the budget, next milestone review date, technologies used, database platform, and business importance rating. You can, of course, sort and/or filter by any of the displayed fields.

You can also show/hide different fields to customize your view. For example, during a planning/budgeting phase, you may want to show priority, budget, and milestones, whereas, in a meeting concerning technologies and asset management, you may want to organize the products by platform and database to understand which products your team(s) are using.

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