Unlocking Synergies and Building Alliances: InflectraCON 2023 Partner Forum

May 9th, 2023 by inflectra

April 19, 2023, was an epic day in Washington, DC. Why? The InflectraCON 2023 Partner Forum!

InflectraCON 2023 Partner Forum is an exclusive gathering of our partners and key stakeholders. This forum meets annually on the auspices of InflectraCON and is a platform for fostering collaboration, setting partnership goals, exploring innovative ideas, and forging stronger links within our expanded technology ecosystem.

In 2023, we were fortunate to have partners join us from places as nearby as Silver Spring and as far away as South America and India. It was great to get together so many teams and see everyone in person. Our oldest partner of 15 years, Nimble Evolution (formerly OAT Solutions) from Brazil as well as our newest partner of only five days, mVerve from India, also made the trip to DC. Some partners were also sponsors (Thank You, Sponsors! We Love You!), so to take advantage of the EXPO and the conference, we held the Partner Forum and our Spira and Rapise training program on April 19, 2023 - a day before the InflectraCON conference began.

The forum kicked off on April 19, 2023, with a talk by Adam about the state of the industry, macro- and micro-issues impacting the QA, Agile & DevOps spaces, emerging trends, and Inflectra’s product roadmap. Jessica discussed the new partner program, Audrey covered co-marketing, and Farid discussed Spira’s unique sales proposition and engaged the attendees with a fun quizlet. Partner team members presented the strategies for partnerships in North America, LATAM, and EMEA at the conference. Our interactive session on Spira and Rapise best practices had our partners sharing their ideas with us and each other. We capped off the day with case studies presented by Hugo Sanchez of Coveros and Evan Masters of Critical Logic, which received rave reviews.

Never ones to miss an opportunity to mingle with our friends, we hosted a reception for partners, trainees, and speakers on Wednesday night in the atrium of the conference center.

Gerard from Bienabee (the Inflectra partner) summarized his experience at InflectraCON 2023 as follows:

"For me personally, the best parts of the whole week were some of the 1:1, small group conversations I had with you two, as well as the rest of the Inflectra team. You all are so friendly and genuine in your interactions, it is a breath of fresh air in an industry that is predominantly centered around sales and business. Having that human-to-human element, interacting with people who are passionate about what they do but also know how to have a good time, is so important to me."

The partner group later transitioned to a more private dinner party at Bidwell in Union Market. It was a fun way to end the day and to kick off the conference. 


The conference itself allowed plenty of opportunities for more great conversations and the chance to hear from our partners, who were also speakers. Bob Crews of Checkpoint delivered our first keynote on Thursday, and Jeff Payne of Coveros and Melissa Daley of Orca Intelligence gave engaging talks during the conference. In addition, Tech Deep Dives were delivered by Critical Logic, Orca Intelligence, and Nimble Evolution. During the lunch break, each partner sponsor was invited to have a “Partner Minute” to let attendees know about their companies and the value they can bring to customers. It was during this time that our partners were each presented with an award to let them know how much we value them, their partnership, and especially their friendship.

While the next InflectraCON is a year away, we are already looking forward to the chance to see them all in person. Or perhaps even sooner, as the Inflectra Partner Tour 2023 resumes in Switzerland in June.

Stay tuned for more partner tour news soon!

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